“If I Waited For Perfection, I Would Never Write a Word”*

I offer belated but brainfelt 70th birthday wishes to the marvellous NHS. It’s an institution of which “we should all be dead proud and without which we would all be dead”!** Did the institution Continue reading ““If I Waited For Perfection, I Would Never Write a Word”*”


Sickness Score (Part Three of Five)

Akynzeo 3 – 0 Temo

My Dad was looking into the anti-sickness drug on Thursday evening (as an Industrial Chemist does in his spare time!). He told me that Akynzeo is a compound of something and something else (he said the names of the somethings but I don’t care much about that). What was more interesting to me was that he read that each tablet costs the NHS £69, whereas in America it costs $600 per tablet. I think that, even with fluctuations in the exchange rate, it’s pretty safe to say that the NHS gets the better deal. Continue reading “Sickness Score (Part Three of Five)”