Get Set: The Best a Rach Can Get (The Nitty Gritty)

In case you haven’t read my previous post (tut tut), I had MRI scans a few weeks ago and got positive results on 22 August. The scans show (even to the layman) a reduction in the size of the tumour, the swelling around it and the activity of the Resident in my gray cells.

As I mentioned in said post, we knew it was positive when, as we walked through the door, Dr M said, “we’re really pleased with your scans”. Once we sat down, she asked me how I was feeling and how the seizures are going and then we got down to brain business. Continue reading “Get Set: The Best a Rach Can Get (The Nitty Gritty)”


Get Set: The Best a Rach Can Get

Just a short-ish post: the results are in from my scans a few weeks ago and they’re good!

Graham and I saw my Consultant Oncologist, Dr M, yesterday afternoon. As we walked with her through the door into her office, she said: “we are very pleased with your scans”. We therefore knew before we even sat down that it would be a positive appointment. Continue reading “Get Set: The Best a Rach Can Get”

From Eternity to Hair

First, two firsts.

For the first time since at least October, I have worn a symbol of my married status. Although I have lost two and a half stone since Christmas, I still can’t get either my wedding or engagement ring on. Happily, my eternity ring is back on my ring finger: Continue reading “From Eternity to Hair”