One Egg is an Oeuf

I was given the green light to start driving the Quadcycle on Wednesday. I know that the cyber-attack affected many people, including many radiotherapy, chemotherapy, Consultants’ appointments and operations being cancelled. Fortunately, the cyber-attack didn’t affect me save that the backlog meant that I had a longer wait than usual at the Hospital on Wednesday but that was ok. I’m not going to write a lengthy rant but I can’t understand why anyone would use their IT talents in such a destructive way.

A Little Less Conversation

Graham and I had chosen the novelty of talking to each other Continue reading “One Egg is an Oeuf”


The Circus of Life

This post is a health update but it’s mostly about my attention-seeking carers and children, who are dropping like flies around me!

Juggling Struggles

Leo was sick a couple of times at the end of last week and is better on that front. Jennifer followed with sickness late on Tuesday night but had recovered by mid-morning on Wednesday. Graham succumbed to the bug on Wednesday Continue reading “The Circus of Life”