Marking my First Hanniversary

[I recommend reading Happy Hanniversary before reading the rest of this post as otherwise it will seem a bit odd. Well, it is a bit odd, but it would be odd out of context without the pre-reading!]

I was growing increasingly concerned as today wore on. I had failed to come up with an [in]appropriate way to mark 365 days since my surgery. I was worried that I have lost my touch for dark humour. I thought I would have to confess in this post to doing something tame like listening to the Hannibal soundtrack and/or watching That Scene on repeat. Continue reading “Marking my First Hanniversary”


Awakey Breaky Head…(Part Two)

Would you like to start your working week by watching examples of the same type of Hannibal Surgery that I had, as I described in Awakey Breaky Head…?

If so, you’re in the right place! Today I can offer you two links to five videos.

Classical Brain Surgery

There are four videos on Continue reading “Awakey Breaky Head…(Part Two)”

[Ch]e-mo Sabe Started on a Unicycle, is Currently on a Tricycle and Wants to Ride a Hexacycle

On Wednesday, I will be exactly halfway through the six cycles of the chemotherapy planned for me. I see my Oncologist tomorrow for a pre-quad cycle catch-up. Overall, I’ve been feeling a bit tired over the last few days. It’s probably a combination of: sleeplessness (I’ve been struggling to get to sleep and waking up early, which is not ideal for sleeping!); the chemo side effects kicking in; further steroid reduction last Wednesday (as they give one a boost in energy, I surmise that, as one reduces the dose, the boost is reduced too); increased mobility, which means more short walks in an average week; and, of course, general tiredness and fatigue caused by having a brain tumour, brain surgery (twice), radiotherapy and chemotherapy!*

However, I am feeling a lot less tired than I did at this stage when I rode the bicycle. Continue reading “[Ch]e-mo Sabe Started on a Unicycle, is Currently on a Tricycle and Wants to Ride a Hexacycle”

Awakey Breaky Head: Extended Edition on a “Lord of the Rings” Scale (But With No Talking Trees)

Currently, over 130 different types of ‘high grade’ (cancerous) or ‘low grade’ (non-cancerous) brain tumours are known. The treatment and care plan for each patient depends on the type, size and location of the tumour.

Here is a long-promised post about my “Awake” Craniotomy that went ahead on Halloween. I gave a short sneak preview a long time ago on 3 November but have been remiss in writing the screenplay. It took me less than 24 hours to publish a post detailing my biopsy and it’s taken over a hundred times longer to publish this. My only excuse is that I have been a bit busy since the surgery with: bits and bobs; seizures and sleeping; radiotherapy and recovery; and, chemotherapy and Continue reading “Awakey Breaky Head: Extended Edition on a “Lord of the Rings” Scale (But With No Talking Trees)”