The Benign Prerogative

Yesterday, Graham spoke to one of the specialist nurses who works with Mr H. Between us, Graham and I had a few follow-up questions that we had not thought to ask on Friday after Mr H confirmed that the Immigrant’s permanent residence visa could not be revoked. Paradoxically, given the ultimate prognosis, Continue reading “The Benign Prerogative”


Fool of a Sook

If the aim of my last post was to turn each of you into an antipodean sook, then it was a success. It wasn’t my intention but I am pleased to have learnt a new word. (I’m not insinuating that you are all fools with my choice of title, by the way, but I thought my brother would be proud with what I think is the debut LOTR reference on this blog.) Continue reading “Fool of a Sook”

Not Good

Well, there’s no easy way to share the disappointing news that Mr H gave me and Graham yesterday afternoon, so I’ll just jump right in.

The squatter is lower-grade, as expected (grade 2). While that is better than having the aggression of a higher-grade tumour, there’s currently no cure (i.e., no ultimate Brexit). We are therefore looking at the best way of “managing” the tumour, which means removing/zapping as much as they can to give me as long as possible before the disease progresses. Continue reading “Not Good”

Cole’s Miscellany (Part Six)


  • This is the kind of overly-sentimental Hallmark moment that my Mam likes to provide me with. Still, it’s not defamation when it’s true so I mustn’t grumble.
  • This is an “LOL” video if ever I’ve seen one.
  • As was standard practice in 1981, Mam and I stayed in hospital for 10 days after I was from my mother’s womb
    untimely ripp’d. This is therefore my longest-ever NHS holiday. It wasn’t a personal record that I was looking to break, but there you go.
  • I apparently uncovered a mystery to solve even as I was medically critical enough to require 1:1 nursing care. I only rediscovered the mystery during my interrogations of Graham on the Missing Links of the seizure storm. I have no recollection of quizzing staff why the unit was called “ITU” (Intensive Therapy Unit) rather than the familiar term (to me) of “ICU” (Intensive Care Unit) but it was an issue that evidently bothered me during the storm. Coming back from one of our afternoon dates, I was therefore puzzled to see Ward 18 described as “ICU” after all. As Ward 18 consists of both ITU and HDU (High Dependency Unit, which is 1:2 nursing care), my theory is that “ICU” is the umbrella term for both units. However, initial enquiries of staff here on Ward 16 has so far not yielded any further insight.img_0874
  • Long before Francis Underwood’s Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Leslie Lynch King, Jr. was the first person to become Leader of the Free World without being elected to office as either Vice President or President. I’d never heard of him until this week.
  • Jennifer looks set to follow in my footsteps and assume navigational responsibilities for the family at an early age. On the way to visit me in hospital the other day, she asked my parents if they were “going around a bend and then over the Scotswood Bridge”. I think I assumed map responsibilities when I was about 11, so Jennifer is on course to beat my record by a country mile. I couldn’t be more proud.
  • Conventionally, one is not supposed to talk about religion or politics, but I don’t find many things more interesting or important. This article got me thinking about one of my pet peeves. I don’t believe that any political party (in the UK, the USA or anywhere else) has the divine right to the “Christian vote”. It won’t surprise you that I have my own views on the hypothetical question of how Jesus might weigh up manifestos and decide which (if any) is the best political party to vote for. To bring in some sweeping generalisations to mix in with the toxic cocktail of God and politics, it always seems to me to be Right-wingers more often than Left who so loudly and hypocritically assert that they have God on their side, and it baffles and infuriates me. It also brings to mind the following quote from Mr Lincoln, the best president of all time in my opinion both in words (and, my goodness, what words!) and deeds:

    “My concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God’s side.”

Misremember, Misremember, the Most of September

In theory, I currently have more spare time than I’ve had since 2004, when the rude introduction into working life ended the Time-Turning decadence (and monotony) of law school. Yet, I’ve still not had time over the past couple of days to read any books, watch any television or publish a substantive blog post as planned. Time just flies in here, you’ve got no idea! Continue reading “Misremember, Misremember, the Most of September”