Blankety Blanks (Part One) – The Great Escape

[A few post-scripts to this post.

First, I’ve just had an EEG (22 electrodes pasted to my head for about 20 minutes; no pain; no discomfort; and, I discussed Hannibal with the lovely EEG lady). My hair, which I wouldn’t have been allowed to wash until yesterday anyway, still hasn’t been washed and is not looking tip-top to say the least after the pasting. Continue reading “Blankety Blanks (Part One) – The Great Escape”

Still Got It

You might be relieved that I don’t have the energy for a proper “War and Peace” blog post but, between sleeps and seizures here on Ward 16, I have had time to achieve 100% on this important quiz. As if there would ever be any doubt that a brain tumour, brain surgery and/or super sleepiness would take anything away from my beloved OCD. Continue reading “Still Got It”

On the mend

Afternoon all, G here.

Rach has asked that I give you all a quick update.  Rach has now been moved to the HDU (a step down in the intensity of care) and is feeling a little better.

Although still very tired, Rachel is eating and drinking more than yesterday and the frequency of seizures has reduced to about one an hour.  This was expected as the dosage she is receiving has been steadily increasing and we hope it will soon take them out of the equation altogether.

Rach is receiving visitors so feel free to drop me a line so that I can coordinate.





Hi all, G again

Despite achieving a state of relative normality over these past few weeks, with Rach’s condition being such that she has been at home amongst her nearest and dearest for the most part, the severity of the situation has not been far from my thoughts.

Unfortunately this was brought home to us late last night when Rachel had several consecutive seizures whilst at the rents and was taken by ambulance to the Rvi. Continue reading “Turbulence”

Much Ado About Something

No Pain…

To begin my day with the end of my day, I record that I was well. Truly. This blog is testimony to the fact that I am not one to downplay a drama. I currently have no pain or soreness, nor have I experienced any pain or soreness at any point before, during or since the surgery.

From my perspective, my first foray into Brain Surgery (as an active and yet passive participant) has therefore been “no biggie”. I wouldn’t really mention it at all but for the fact that I’ve not got too much else to write home about at the minute. Continue reading “Much Ado About Something”