Friends [and Enemies] Reunited

After meeting my Brain surgeon on our fifth wedding anniversary (scheduled at exactly the same time that our wedding ceremony had started) and my first surgery being on the anniversary of my Uncle’s death, there’s been a degree of confluence of dates during my “journey” so far. It’s been a while but today is not just a double date, it’s a triple one. It’s the day that I have started my Hexycle (and final cycle) of chemotherapy. It’s also five years since I had my 12-week scan with Jennifer and 103 years since my late and beloved Grandad Jim was born. Grandad Jim was such a special person in my life, he deserves a full post, so I’ll hopefully finish and post that soon. Continue reading “Friends [and Enemies] Reunited”

It’s Moving Day!

Well, almost!

The majority of our furniture from our “old” house is moving into the Hobbit House today. We have to leave a few things behind due to lack of space in the bungalow, including a sofa and Jennifer’s double bed. Jennifer is moving into a much smaller room than her old bedroom. Thankfully, she is beyond excited about her new bedroom, not least because of her chosen colour scheme (pink, purple and “golden” (not “gold”)) and new cabin bed, which includes a slide to come down from the bed! Continue reading “It’s Moving Day!”

A Delayed Post: Better Late than Full of Hate

I’ve been struggling to write a blog post this week. It’s not because there’s nothing much going on and, thankfully, there have been no mishaps or dramas. It’s because I’ve been pre-occupied with writing (in my head) a post about issues that have made me angry whenever I have (rarely) thought about them for most of this year. They bubbled up on Sunday. I did the modern-day equivalent of what Abraham Lincoln did: he wrote letters to people to express his anger and/or disappointment and then threw them away without sending them. I am glad that I decided not to publish a post in haste only to repent at leisure.

Back to our regular programming of updates about my health, happenings and the Hobbit House. Continue reading “A Delayed Post: Better Late than Full of Hate”

Down to Zero

I’ve been weaning off the dexamethasone steroids slowly but surely over the last few months from eight milligrams daily. Today is the first day that I’ve not taken any steroids since the middle of December. For the last three weeks, I’ve been on just half a milligram a day. I hope that the removal of this low dose of steroids from my daily regime will not have any adverse effects. Continue reading “Down to Zero”

Birthdays: Past, Present and Future

Before Graeme died, birthdays were always special in our house. I know some people have never made much of birthdays but we did. I remember excitedly opening presents and cards on my birthday (who doesn’t like presents?). I also remember the excitement of choosing presents for my family for their birthdays from an early age (before I had any money of my own), particularly for my brother. We both had summer birthdays and our garden was big. Birthdays when we were little, weather permitting, involved friends and family gathering in our garden and we had paddling pools, sack races and other fun and games! Continue reading “Birthdays: Past, Present and Future”

All Over Me Like a Rash

So I’m ok…but Drama Queen has struck again. I was itchy all over my body yesterday from the moment I woke up (before I put on my make-up). I checked everywhere regularly and couldn’t see any spots/rashes. At about 2pm, I checked again and a little red pinprick rash had appeared on my tummy. G rang the chemo helpline Continue reading “All Over Me Like a Rash”

From Head Down to Heads Up!

I’ve had the roughest tablet-taking cycle so far, which thankfully finished yesterday. I have been feeling so nauseous with no appetite for most of this cycle. Over the last few days, I’ve had a fruit smoothie for breakfast and a little smoothie for tea and nothing else except water. When drinking water was making me gag, I knew that I really was in a sorry state. I have very little energy given how little I’ve eaten.

Last night, I was sick immediately after taking an anti-sickness tablet (isn’t it Ironic: I hadn’t even been feeling sick before I took the tablet!). It was immediately bile that came up, which was not surprising given that I’d barely eaten for a few days so there was nothing in my stomach. Continue reading “From Head Down to Heads Up!”