‘Roids, Droids and Voids

My seizure-free streak is still going (it’s been about seven weeks now) and I’ve not had any migraines since the random one a few weeks ago.

I was on a “maintenance dose” (2mg) of dexamethasone steroids from being discharged from hospital until I saw Dr Mulvenna last week. She agreed that I could try to wean myself off them Continue reading “‘Roids, Droids and Voids”


A Quickie

I had an appointment at the Freeman hospital today. My recent scans show that my surgeon took out (in my oncologist’s words) a “big chunk” of my brain:


I’ll be starting PCV chemo in two or three weeks’ time.

It’s been a surprisingly busy week in a wonderful way, about which I’ll tell you next time (is that a threat or a promise?!).



I Ate the Golden Chicken First

Like many others yesterday, I was very sad to learn that Tessa Jowell has died from the brain tumour that she was diagnosed with a year ago. She used her prominence as a Lady of the Realm in a tragically short time to campaign successfully for, among other things, funding and greater access for patients to adaptive clinical trials. At the end of her last speech in the House of Lords, she said: “what gives a life meaning is not only how it is lived but how it draws to a close”. By that measure alone, Tessa’s life had bucketloads of meaning.  Continue reading “I Ate the Golden Chicken First”

Cake Batter Blocker

Happily, I have had neither a migraine nor a seizure since last I wrote. I’ve had a relatively busy week (by my newest of “new normal” standards!) with a steady stream of friends and family rolling in.

Continue reading “Cake Batter Blocker”

Going Against the ’Graine (Again)

My last migraine was on 29 August 2016, three days before the Squatter was discovered. I assumed, after my brain tumour diagnosis, that the migraines I’d experienced over the previous five or six months had been caused by the tumour. The first Continue reading “Going Against the ’Graine (Again)”

You Can’t Live Indefinitely Indefinitely

The kids came into hospital to visit me a week gone Sunday. Both of them were excited to see me and each had a good look at my head. G had reminded them in advance that my hair had been cut and I would have a plaster on. The previous week when I had returned from my appointment with Mr H to discuss further surgery, I had shown my Mam the photo of me and Mr H. The kids had wanted to see the photo too so I explained that I was sitting next to my doctor, who was going to take out the tumour in my head that shouldn’t Continue reading “You Can’t Live Indefinitely Indefinitely”

Homing Pigeon

Rach is home and can be found in her natural habitat…bed!

Thankfully, Rach hasn’t suffered from sickness since Friday and the pain of moving her head is easing as each day passes. Indeed, gone are the heady Oramorph days and she’s making do with good old paracetamol.

She continues to be very tired caused, in no small part, by the lamentations of her previous cell mates as well as, of course, the small matter of her third open-air surgery.

Rach wanted to convey how grateful she is for all of your kind words and wishes and I’d like to highlight that my previous, rather succinct, post was commented on more than 50 times…not that I’m counting or comparing…

Finally, Rach (as is her wont) noticed a treacherous discrepancy in the nomenclature used to identify the beds on the freshly-minted ward 15a (see pictures below). Not only that, Rachel has now completed the Royal-VI Neuro ward flush (wards 15, 15a, 16, 17 & 18).

More to follow in the coming days.