Cole’s Miscellany (Part One)

  • Jennifer knows that I have a poorly leg. When I was in hospital, she asked what the cannula was in my arm so I explained that’s how the doctors had injected medicine (steroids) into me to help my poorly leg. Jennifer didn’t skip a beat and asked how the medicine got from the cannula to my leg. Dr Turner stepped in to give a brief rundown of the circulatory system. Never lose an opportunity to learn something, that’s what we always say.
  • On that note, I have learned today what an arctophile is (Jennifer appears to be one).
  • I found out yesterday that one of my friends is a friend of Mrs George Clooney so I’ve invited myself to a communal dinner party.
  • I’ve also invited us to dinner with another couple of friends, one half of whom is currently working with Eddie Redmayne. Shy bairns get nowt and all 😀.
  • Mam literally used the phrase “more tea, Vicar” yesterday. To a Vicar who appeared on The Voice no less.
  • An elephant hawk moth caterpillar joined us for tea and cake on the patio on Wednesday. I wasn’t happy. These creatures who just invite themselves and turn up.

“‘Till the wheels come off”

Tomorrow, five years to the minute since our scheduled wedding ceremony start time (and actual start time because miracles do happen and I wasn’t late!), Graham and I will be “celebrating” our anniversary with my Consultant Neurosurgeon at the RVI, Mr Holliman.

Not quite what we planned. In honour of the occasion, Saturday was due to be our first kids-less night away since Drama Boy Continue reading ““‘Till the wheels come off””

When it Comes to Humility, I’m the Greatest

Boots on the Ground

I’ve had many amazing messages from many lovely people based in many areas of the world, who I know from different parts of my life. It’s lovely and uplifting and I’m already sure that this blog was a good idea.

Fear not, though, my head is not getting too big as I have a secret weapon: my three-year old! Continue reading “When it Comes to Humility, I’m the Greatest”

An Introduction

Why I’ve started the blog about some long odds…

Welcome to my new blog.

I want to keep people informed who want to be kept informed about the Drama-Rama. Given that I’m only on Day 6 and am already struggling to keep track of who I’ve updated even when there’s not much to say, I thought a blog might help. Also, most of you will know that I like to write some rambling reflections from time to time (about things both serious and silly) and 140 characters is just not enough for a lawyer! Continue reading “An Introduction”