Haiku Review

Five hundred, twenty-
five thousand five hundred [and]
forty minutes long.

had many times dark and low
but lots of blessings. Continue reading “Haiku Review”


Seizing the Day Without Seizing (For the Most Part)

The start of last week was restful, recovering from a busy week or so and conserving my energy for a busy weekend ahead. I slept well and chilled out watching a few episodes of “Orange is the New Black”, “Top of the Lake 2” and “The World at War”*.

We also introduced Jennifer to the first episode of Brian Cox’s Wonders of the Solar System. She has been interested in the Solar System Continue reading “Seizing the Day Without Seizing (For the Most Part)”

From Eternity to Hair

First, two firsts.

For the first time since at least October, I have worn a symbol of my married status. Although I have lost two and a half stone since Christmas, I still can’t get either my wedding or engagement ring on. Happily, my eternity ring is back on my ring finger: Continue reading “From Eternity to Hair”

The Cran[ial] Kick

The Headsmart campaign for early diagnosis in children has raised awareness of the specific symptoms of brain tumours to look out for in babies, children and teens. It has helped to reduce the average diagnosis time for children from 13 weeks to 6.5 weeks. The campaign is being relaunched in a bid to reduce this further to 4 weeks.

I missed an opportunity in my previous post to help you visualise the upwards leg- and foot-lift start to seizures that I tried to describe. I am someone who (proudly) knows the meaning of “wax on, wax off” Continue reading “The Cran[ial] Kick”

A Ton of Post[s] but no Telegram from the Queen

This is the hundredth post of this blog.

Today is the 170th day that I have known that the Squatter is inside my head. Therefore, on average, a post has been uploaded every 41 hours or so by me or one of my surrogates. That’s not too shabby a run-rate considering that Continue reading “A Ton of Post[s] but no Telegram from the Queen”

Ministrations and Frustrations

It seems remiss of me not to have given ratings recently for my current abode. The quality of care I receive Chez Rents is simply outstanding. The three live-in carers for me, L and J are truly amazing and I literally don’t know what we’d do without them. Their physical efforts, energy and dedication are something to behold. Continue reading “Ministrations and Frustrations”

Fool of a Sook

If the aim of my last post was to turn each of you into an antipodean sook, then it was a success. It wasn’t my intention but I am pleased to have learnt a new word. (I’m not insinuating that you are all fools with my choice of title, by the way, but I thought my brother would be proud with what I think is the debut LOTR reference on this blog.) Continue reading “Fool of a Sook”