It’s Moving Day!

Well, almost!

The majority of our furniture from our “old” house is moving into the Hobbit House today. We have to leave a few things behind due to lack of space in the bungalow, including a sofa and Jennifer’s double bed. Jennifer is moving into a much smaller room than her old bedroom. Thankfully, she is beyond excited about her new bedroom, not least because of her chosen colour scheme (pink, purple and “golden” (not “gold”)) and new cabin bed, which includes a slide to come down from the bed! Continue reading “It’s Moving Day!”

Down to Zero

I’ve been weaning off the dexamethasone steroids slowly but surely over the last few months from eight milligrams daily. Today is the first day that I’ve not taken any steroids since the middle of December. For the last three weeks, I’ve been on just half a milligram a day. I hope that the removal of this low dose of steroids from my daily regime will not have any adverse effects. Continue reading “Down to Zero”

Birthdays: Past, Present and Future

Before Graeme died, birthdays were always special in our house. I know some people have never made much of birthdays but we did. I remember excitedly opening presents and cards on my birthday (who doesn’t like presents?). I also remember the excitement of choosing presents for my family for their birthdays from an early age (before I had any money of my own), particularly for my brother. We both had summer birthdays and our garden was big. Birthdays when we were little, weather permitting, involved friends and family gathering in our garden and we had paddling pools, sack races and other fun and games! Continue reading “Birthdays: Past, Present and Future”

Bloaty McBloatface

This week in the Turner-Cole household has included a little less drama than in recent weeks, a lot more soft furnishing decisions for the Hobbit House and sorting out paperwork and photos from the last 18 years.

I found lots of good photos that brought back great memories. I still think that 15 years ago I must have been about 11 or 12, but, no, this photo was taken Continue reading “Bloaty McBloatface”

Fighting Fit[s]

(To begin this story with the end of the story, I confirm that Leo is well and has been full of beans today. I think building up suspense is great for fiction but not for the recounting of a health scare for a 17-month old.)

Once more, we have the AMAZING NHS to thank for their quick and calm response to a health scare for our little man.


I started a blog post yesterday called “Chickens Home for Roosting” intending to share the joy that my family was back under one roof. Tiredness and seizures meant that I didn’t even finish the first paragraph. It turns out, in any event, that I would have spoken too soon to state that they were Back for Good. Continue reading “Fighting Fit[s]”

Sleeping the Dream

Women wait longer than men to be diagnosed with brain tumours on average, according to findings The Brain Tumour Charity has called “worrying”. Research by the Charity found that female patients who visit the doctor due to concerns about symptoms are twice as likely as men to wait more than a year to be diagnosed. People from low income families with a household income under £20,000 are more than twice as likely as those with a higher household income to wait a year or more between a visit to a healthcare professional and the diagnosis of a brain tumour.

I finished the tablet-taking part of this second cycle last Sunday. I felt nauseous and had a reduced appetite over the weekend and on Monday but thankfully that subsided on Tuesday. Most days, I’ve been sleeping Continue reading “Sleeping the Dream”

Iron Lion Zion

Golf-ball Sized Tumour Mistaken for Ingrown Toenail

“I woke up one morning and I had no feeling in my leg, it was terrifying… In the end I was told that the ingrown toenail on my right foot was causing the loss of feeling in my right leg and that I should have it removed.”

The Brain Tumour Charity is working tirelessly to increase symptom awareness, not just during Brain Tumour Awareness Month but throughout the year.

The Lion Roars

Leo sailed through an appointment with his Consultant at the RVI this morning Continue reading “Iron Lion Zion”