Fighting Fit[s]

(To begin this story with the end of the story, I confirm that Leo is well and has been full of beans today. I think building up suspense is great for fiction but not for the recounting of a health scare for a 17-month old.)

Once more, we have the AMAZING NHS to thank for their quick and calm response to a health scare for our little man.


I started a blog post yesterday called “Chickens Home for Roosting” intending to share the joy that my family was back under one roof. Tiredness and seizures meant that I didn’t even finish the first paragraph. It turns out, in any event, that I would have spoken too soon to state that they were Back for Good. Continue reading “Fighting Fit[s]”

Sleeping the Dream

Women wait longer than men to be diagnosed with brain tumours on average, according to findings The Brain Tumour Charity has called “worrying”. Research by the Charity found that female patients who visit the doctor due to concerns about symptoms are twice as likely as men to wait more than a year to be diagnosed. People from low income families with a household income under £20,000 are more than twice as likely as those with a higher household income to wait a year or more between a visit to a healthcare professional and the diagnosis of a brain tumour.

I finished the tablet-taking part of this second cycle last Sunday. I felt nauseous and had a reduced appetite over the weekend and on Monday but thankfully that subsided on Tuesday. Most days, I’ve been sleeping Continue reading “Sleeping the Dream”

Iron Lion Zion

Golf-ball Sized Tumour Mistaken for Ingrown Toenail

“I woke up one morning and I had no feeling in my leg, it was terrifying… In the end I was told that the ingrown toenail on my right foot was causing the loss of feeling in my right leg and that I should have it removed.”

The Brain Tumour Charity is working tirelessly to increase symptom awareness, not just during Brain Tumour Awareness Month but throughout the year.

The Lion Roars

Leo sailed through an appointment with his Consultant at the RVI this morning Continue reading “Iron Lion Zion”

The “S” Factors

Samantha Dickson died from a brain tumour at the age of 16. Her parents saw the lack of funding for research and support for brain tumours, were duly horrified and set up the Samantha Dickson Brain Tumour Trust in 1996. This Trust merged with two other brain tumour charities in 2013 to become the Brain Tumour Charity, which is now at the forefront of brain tumour research and support for those affected by them. See here to learn more about the charity’s history and achievements. #BTAM

Special Times

Specialising on the Beat?

Earlier in the week, Leo was resisting a nap, showed his displeasure through screaming and got increasingly worked up. Continue reading “The “S” Factors”

Awakey Breaky Head: Extended Edition on a “Lord of the Rings” Scale (But With No Talking Trees)

Currently, over 130 different types of ‘high grade’ (cancerous) or ‘low grade’ (non-cancerous) brain tumours are known. The treatment and care plan for each patient depends on the type, size and location of the tumour.

Here is a long-promised post about my “Awake” Craniotomy that went ahead on Halloween. I gave a short sneak preview a long time ago on 3 November but have been remiss in writing the screenplay. It took me less than 24 hours to publish a post detailing my biopsy and it’s taken over a hundred times longer to publish this. My only excuse is that I have been a bit busy since the surgery with: bits and bobs; seizures and sleeping; radiotherapy and recovery; and, chemotherapy and Continue reading “Awakey Breaky Head: Extended Edition on a “Lord of the Rings” Scale (But With No Talking Trees)”

The Cran[ial] Kick

The Headsmart campaign for early diagnosis in children has raised awareness of the specific symptoms of brain tumours to look out for in babies, children and teens. It has helped to reduce the average diagnosis time for children from 13 weeks to 6.5 weeks. The campaign is being relaunched in a bid to reduce this further to 4 weeks.

I missed an opportunity in my previous post to help you visualise the upwards leg- and foot-lift start to seizures that I tried to describe. I am someone who (proudly) knows the meaning of “wax on, wax off” Continue reading “The Cran[ial] Kick”

All Cancers are Equal, but Some Cancers are More Equal than Others

Brain tumours are the biggest cancer killer of children and people under 40 in the UK.

Six months ago today I collapsed at home and the Squatter was discovered. Today also marks the beginning of Brain Tumour Awareness Month (BTAM) in the UK. Unless you’ve stumbled across this page accidentally and haven’t heard of a brain tumour before, you might be thinking “well, duh, I’m already aware of brain tumours Continue reading “All Cancers are Equal, but Some Cancers are More Equal than Others”