State of the Union (Unabridged) and State of Mind (Unhinged)

Overall, last week was a bit of a struggle. I succumbed to tiredness and dark thoughts more than I usually do. I think it’s normal and healthy to let myself go down into the deep from time to time. I’m not sure that I’ve had such a prolonged period of time including times of absolute physical and mental exhaustion.

I suspect that the bouts of feeling sorry for myself were partly Continue reading “State of the Union (Unabridged) and State of Mind (Unhinged)”


A Lioness’s Pride

Graham took our little man to the hospital (RVI) yesterday morning for his two-year post-meningitis check-up. Leo’s wonderful, caring and supportive Consultant, Dr A, was absolutely over the moon with Leo’s development. He said that the virus that had attacked our boy’s brain when he was barely a week old had caused no permanent damage.  Continue reading “A Lioness’s Pride”

Roads to Somewhere

My Dad showed me this article a couple of days ago reporting the official opening of a road from Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk in the Canadian Arctic. It is noteworthy to us because Graeme spent almost six months in Inuvik (described in the article as a “regional hub”) working as a classroom assistant through the Frontiers Foundation. Continue reading “Roads to Somewhere”

Where Have All The Flowers Gone?*

A year ago, from my point of view, this week was a spectacularly and memorably rubbish one. I don’t say that lightly as there have been plenty of rubbish days and weeks both before and since then. Continue reading “Where Have All The Flowers Gone?*”

My Family and Other Animals

The last couple of weeks have been full of fun, anniversaries, tiredness and a few seizures. Oh, and a return to tumour business. Continue reading “My Family and Other Animals”

Marking my First Hanniversary

[I recommend reading Happy Hanniversary before reading the rest of this post as otherwise it will seem a bit odd. Well, it is a bit odd, but it would be odd out of context without the pre-reading!]

I was growing increasingly concerned as today wore on. I had failed to come up with an [in]appropriate way to mark 365 days since my surgery. I was worried that I have lost my touch for dark humour. I thought I would have to confess in this post to doing something tame like listening to the Hannibal soundtrack and/or watching That Scene on repeat. Continue reading “Marking my First Hanniversary”

Tugging on the Purse Strings

I always keep these four things in my purse. They are: one of Jennifer’s and one of Leo’s hospital bands that were tagged around their ankles in hospital; a photo of my brother taken in late 2004, shortly before he was diagnosed; and, a silver “strength” token that a very good friend gave me shortly after G’s diagnosis.

204B3538-AE60-491C-9B36-676F433D0653 Continue reading “Tugging on the Purse Strings”