One Egg is an Oeuf

I was given the green light to start driving the Quadcycle on Wednesday. I know that the cyber-attack affected many people, including many radiotherapy, chemotherapy, Consultants’ appointments and operations being cancelled. Fortunately, the cyber-attack didn’t affect me save that the backlog meant that I had a longer wait than usual at the Hospital on Wednesday but that was ok. I’m not going to write a lengthy rant but I can’t understand why anyone would use their IT talents in such a destructive way.

A Little Less Conversation

Graham and I had chosen the novelty of talking to each other Continue reading “One Egg is an Oeuf”

Cooped Up

Graham and the kids continue to live in the Quarantine House. The good news is that the sickness bug has apparently left the family without affecting me (oh, the irony).

Jennifer has loads of chicken “pops” spots with a few more appearing each day even as the earlier ones are crusting over. I read earlier that new spots can appear up to five days after the first ones appear so tomorrow will be the end of the beginning. The rate at which they are appearing has gone down, so we are hopeful that she’ll soon be back to normal and out of quarantine, which is when they’ve all crusted over! Jennifer said earlier the spots are not itchy and she’s not been scratching. Graham says it’s uncomfortable and, at times, painful for her when he puts the cream on her to the extent that she gets upset. Continue reading “Cooped Up”

Let Them Eat Cake

After rambling updates Japanese style, the remainder of this post is about some wonderful fundraising by friends and former colleagues for the Brain Tumour Charity. Don’t worry, this is not a sponsorship request, it is a public thank you (whether they like it or not) to those who have raised money recently.

Haiku Updates – Health, Happiness and the Hobbit House

I’m feeling stable,

which might precede a set-back Continue reading “Let Them Eat Cake”

Nurse Pigeon

To begin where I left off last time, Leo is fine. He was checked out at the Walk-in Centre on Thursday evening and the various grazes were superficial. Apparently, at the Walk-in Centre, they’re not allowed to x-ray children under two (who knew) but the nurse was 95% sure that Leo’s finger wasn’t broken. Continue reading “Nurse Pigeon”