Much Ado About Nada*

Graham and I went to the Freeman this afternoon to find out that my platelet (the little dudes who clot the blood) and neutrophil (white blood cells) counts are too low (75 and 1.2 respectively) to proceed with the Continue reading “Much Ado About Nada*”


“If I Waited For Perfection, I Would Never Write a Word”*

I offer belated but brainfelt 70th birthday wishes to the marvellous NHS. It’s an institution of which “we should all be dead proud and without which we would all be dead”!** Did the institution Continue reading ““If I Waited For Perfection, I Would Never Write a Word”*”

‘Roids, Droids and Voids

My seizure-free streak is still going (it’s been about seven weeks now) and I’ve not had any migraines since the random one a few weeks ago.

I was on a “maintenance dose” (2mg) of dexamethasone steroids from being discharged from hospital until I saw Dr Mulvenna last week. She agreed that I could try to wean myself off them Continue reading “‘Roids, Droids and Voids”