What could I possibly say that hasn’t already been said about the despicable attack in Manchester earlier this week? I’ve started this post a dozen times and have nothing to offer. I’m therefore going to do what I often do and borrow someone else’s words.

Tony Walsh, as I think most of you will know, wrote a poem “This Is The Place” in tribute to the past, present and future of Manchester (England’s second city). If you haven’t already seen him read it at the vigil held in Manchester earlier this week, see it here. This short article sums up what I thought when I first heard Mr Walsh deliver his poem.  Continue reading “Manchester”

[Ch]e-mo Sabe Started on a Unicycle, is Currently on a Tricycle and Wants to Ride a Hexacycle

On Wednesday, I will be exactly halfway through the six cycles of the chemotherapy planned for me. I see my Oncologist tomorrow for a pre-quad cycle catch-up. Overall, I’ve been feeling a bit tired over the last few days. It’s probably a combination of: sleeplessness (I’ve been struggling to get to sleep and waking up early, which is not ideal for sleeping!); the chemo side effects kicking in; further steroid reduction last Wednesday (as they give one a boost in energy, I surmise that, as one reduces the dose, the boost is reduced too); increased mobility, which means more short walks in an average week; and, of course, general tiredness and fatigue caused by having a brain tumour, brain surgery (twice), radiotherapy and chemotherapy!*

However, I am feeling a lot less tired than I did at this stage when I rode the bicycle. Continue reading “[Ch]e-mo Sabe Started on a Unicycle, is Currently on a Tricycle and Wants to Ride a Hexacycle”

The Fruity Potato

I’ve seen the meme below a number of times:



The first time I saw it, I laughed out loud because I identified with it immediately. It captured my tiredness during a particularly busy and stressful time at work when I was pregnant with Leo. I saw it again yesterday and it made me laugh again but it also made me think of the ongoing efforts of the Triumverate of carers and their increasing tiredness. I haven’t told Mr C that I’m thinking of giving him a new nickname: Continue reading “The Fruity Potato”

Ruby Turners

Our weekend so far has been a lovely mixture of family and friends with more interlopers expected tomorrow. Just before lunch today, we had an Easter egg hunt in the garden. Jennifer has been excited about this for weeks and raced around collecting a big bounty of little eggs (to add to her big bounty of big eggs inside the house!). Leo, watching Continue reading “Ruby Turners”

The Winner Takes It Small

The Brain Tumour Charity is the leading funder of brain tumour research in the UK, spending over £18.3 million to date on pioneering projects that will help adults and children with brain tumours. It is currently funding 255 researchers at 48 institutions in 12 different nations. See more information here

After 8 seizures in about 20 hours just over a week ago, after which my anti-seizure medication was increased, I have had a relatively good week or so with only a couple of seizures. Continue reading “The Winner Takes It Small”

Two Steps Forward, Eight Kicks Upwards

There are many symptoms for brain tumours in adults (see here), most (if not all) of which are symptoms for other ailments too. As brain tumours are relatively rare, with around 10,600 people in the UK diagnosed each year, happily, most of the time the symptoms will not be due to a brain tumour but please make yourself aware of them to get checked out if necessary!

Today, as I mentioned in my last post, Continue reading “Two Steps Forward, Eight Kicks Upwards”

Clockwork Cocktails

So far, as at 10.51pm on Day 3, recognising that past performance is not an indicator of future outcomes, but hoping the good run continues, while simultaneously praying it knocks ten thousand bells out of the Squatter, I’ve not suffered any drastic side effects from the chemotherapy.* Continue reading “Clockwork Cocktails”