Morning all

It has been a while since last I updated you all regarding Rachel. As those of you who know me can attest to, keeping in touch with people via electronic media is not a strength of mine.

Since receiving the news that the chemotherapy had been ineffective and would be stopped, the symptoms Rachel is faced with have been in what I can only think to describe as a steady state of progression – no singular drastic moment but a series of small, almost imperceptible changes on a daily basis.  To ensure Rachel receives the best level of care available we made the difficult but necessary decision to move Rach into a Hospice just over a week ago.  Rachel ensures me that this had nothing to do with the (sub)standard of her care at home (I’m eargerly awaiting my trip advisor review) but was to simply get a grip of all of her emerging needs.

I’m pleased to say that the excellent, holistic care she has received this past week has really made a positive difference – so much so that we are currently planning for Rachel to come home towards the end of this week/early next.  In the darkness of our current situation this is truly a ray of light.

We are under no illusions – the next days and weeks will be challenging but Rachel remains stoic and in good spirits.  Rachel is also very grateful for all of the messages of support and love.

I will try to ensure that I update you as regularly as possible (not holding one’s breath may be advisable…)



Glioblastoma Multiforme aka GBM4 aka Grade 4 Astrocytoma

Over the last week, I’ve had a number of falls and an increasing number of serious headaches. The chemotherapy which I was on (PCV) did not appear to be working.

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