Swing Low, Sleep Lariat

A Jowell Jewel

Last year, Tessa Jowell was diagnosed with the same type of brain tumour that Graeme had. This week, as some of you will have seen, heard and/or read about, she gave an interview on BBC Radio 4 and made a speech in the House of Lords, which triggered a rare standing ovation. She has finished the treatments available in the UK and was calling for an increase in access to experimental cancer treatments. Here’s the best explanation that I’ve found for what she’s advocating. Continue reading “Swing Low, Sleep Lariat”


Wait Watchers

It’s been six days since my last confession, I mean post. I have a foot-led meizure* and a few head-led almost-seizures to report. That seems like a bargain basement price to pay for the amount of effort, energy and excitement of our trip to Paris and my involvement (and cake-making failures!) for Jennifer’s birthday and party. Continue reading “Wait Watchers”

Oh là là!

It’s been a while since my last substantive post. The last five weeks have been unusually busy for me with Christmas and other Reasons to be Cheerful (without Ed Miliband).

I wrote my last post the day before Mam’s birthday and the last day of term for J. Yesterday was Jennifer’s fifth birthday and her first day back at school. Between those two milestones, we have enjoyed ourselves immensely, more than we thought possible just a few months ago – and what would have been mere fantasy this time last year. Continue reading “Oh là là!”