Stars and Strifes

My seizures start either in my head or in my foot. The head-led ones start with a funny feeling in my head then the seizing starts shortly thereafter going from my foot and travelling as far up my right side as the Grand Old Duke of Jackson can march. The leg-led ones start with my foot involuntarily lifting followed by my leg bouncing from my knee as if my reflexes are being tested in quick successful. Again, these seizures can go as far up my right side as the Duke can make it.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve only had two mainstream seizures but a fair few “funny head things”*, Continue reading “Stars and Strifes”


You Have to Learn How to Walk Before You Can Play Football

(Most of this post has been written in lieu of putting it into my scrapbook.)

I must have mentioned before that some of my earliest memories involve playing football in the garden with my brother and our beloved Grandad Jim. Grandad used to keep control of the ball and we would try to get it off him. Even when we were about 4 and 7, he didn’t go easy on his young grandchildren as we struggled to tackle him and retrieve the ball. He kept close control and kept turning so that he always kept his back to us to hold us off. He used to referee Graeme’s football parties. He took us to matches at St. James’ Park in the days when Mickey Quinn and Mark Stimson were playing! Who are *they*? Exactly! Continue reading “You Have to Learn How to Walk Before You Can Play Football”

State of the Union (Unabridged) and State of Mind (Unhinged)

Overall, last week was a bit of a struggle. I succumbed to tiredness and dark thoughts more than I usually do. I think it’s normal and healthy to let myself go down into the deep from time to time. I’m not sure that I’ve had such a prolonged period of time including times of absolute physical and mental exhaustion.

I suspect that the bouts of feeling sorry for myself were partly Continue reading “State of the Union (Unabridged) and State of Mind (Unhinged)”