Marking my First Hanniversary

[I recommend reading Happy Hanniversary before reading the rest of this post as otherwise it will seem a bit odd. Well, it is a bit odd, but it would be odd out of context without the pre-reading!]

I was growing increasingly concerned as today wore on. I had failed to come up with an [in]appropriate way to mark 365 days since my surgery. I was worried that I have lost my touch for dark humour. I thought I would have to confess in this post to doing something tame like listening to the Hannibal soundtrack and/or watching That Scene on repeat. Continue reading “Marking my First Hanniversary”


Happy Hanniversary

The first time I met my brain surgeon, Mr H, he mentioned that he was thinking about performing an Awake craniotomy to remove as much of my tumour as he could. I assumed it was a given that any brain surgeon (indeed, any surgeon) would need to be awake during surgery, so I (rightly) concluded that he was talking about me being awake. Continue reading “Happy Hanniversary”

Tugging on the Purse Strings

I always keep these four things in my purse. They are: one of Jennifer’s and one of Leo’s hospital bands that were tagged around their ankles in hospital; a photo of my brother taken in late 2004, shortly before he was diagnosed; and, a silver “strength” token that a very good friend gave me shortly after G’s diagnosis.

204B3538-AE60-491C-9B36-676F433D0653 Continue reading “Tugging on the Purse Strings”

Yorkshire Tales (Addendum)

I now know when we came to Yorkshire with my brother in 2005 (see Yorkshire Tales). A shameful memory came to mind this morning and Google helped me to work out the exact date. We set off for our week away on Sunday 21 August. The shameful reason I know that is that we set off the day after our friend James’s 30th birthday party. For those who are interested, the Ashes Test that we watched during that week was the fourth Test at Trent Bridge (which England won). Continue reading “Yorkshire Tales (Addendum)”

Yorkshire Tales

My brother Graeme’s brain tumour journey started with a bang (or, rather, a fall) on 21 January 2005 and ended peacefully on 27 October 2006. As that devastating anniversary nears, I run through once again what was going on at this time eleven years ago. The last six weeks of his life were particularly excruciating and heartbreaking to witness.

His quality of life Continue reading “Yorkshire Tales”

Pushing Boundaries

Graham and I last went away as a couple in late November 2014. We went to the Raby Hunt restaurant and stayed over in one of the two rooms. It was my surprise present to Graham for his 30th birthday. The tasting menu and drinks were mouthwateringly good. Last year, we hoped to break our two-year duck Continue reading “Pushing Boundaries”