More Miles and Milestones

Today is 74 years since my Mam’s brother (and only sibling) was born. The last couple of times I saw him was in the Summer of 2010. He had moved to Crete after retirement in 2006 and was back in Newcastle for a week or two. There are two things that spring to mind from that week. I have very happy memories of a lovely family meal at a Chinese restaurant on Stowell Street one evening. The other memory that makes me smile is that we had an amiable “discussion” about Paul Merson’s punditry skills (or lack thereof). Uncle Jim said Merson was a good pundit and I was aghast and firmly disagreed!

That week was when he met (and I think he approved of) Graham. The last time I spoke to him was when I rang to tell him we’d got engaged. He died suddenly a month later. His middle name was Hewison, which is a family name going back to 1832 at least. That’s one of Leo’s Continue reading “More Miles and Milestones”