The “C” Words

No, I’m not posting about either that “C” word or even the Big “C” word. Instead, “C” is for…


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Al[most] The Real Thing

Our kids both sleep well. They usually don’t require anything more than a couple of books, a couple of songs and, in Jennifer’s case, a review of our respective days by telling each other what made us happy, sad, annoyed and laugh. They then go to sleep after we’ve left the room. I’m not saying this to brag but to explain why I felt like a proper Mam last week for the first time in over a year. Continue reading “Al[most] The Real Thing”

How am I in Awe of Her? Let Me Recount the Ways

The downside of WordPress auto-posting to Facebook (when it doesn’t go awry) is that Facebook now gives me “on this day” commentary of my blog posts since Squattergate began. I didn’t need reminding that yesterday was a year since I got the first hole in my head during my biopsy. It did make me laugh today, though, that I changed my profile photo to this the day after that op:


My head has since become a bona fide metaphorical bowling ball with a further hole in my skull and one in my brain! One ticked off the imaginary bucket list.

There have recently been and imminently will be a number of sad anniversaries within our family. I won’t regurgitate each and every one as I think I included them in my blog last year. Suffice to say that it’s a sad time of year for our family between the end of July and the start of November.


This week has mostly been about recovering from a tiring but exhilarating few days supporting and surprising Emily during the last few days of her stupendous skip across the country. Yesterday was the first day that I’ve had anywhere near as much energy  Continue reading “How am I in Awe of Her? Let Me Recount the Ways”

The Silver Owl

[I intended to finish this post in time to publish it on our wedding anniversary on Saturday but tracking Emily Parsons’ exploits (have I mentioned her on this blog, I forget…) has occupied me for the last week.]

Forgive the indulgence of a delayed but heart-felt anniversary blog. Graham often says that he worries when I say a lot of positive things about him rather than point out (constructively) the errors of his ways. I therefore don’t know what he will make of this post. He might suggest that there’s something wrong with my head. Nevertheless, here goes.

When I called my long-suffering hubby a Silver Owl a couple of months ago, our friend (the Divine Miss M) said of him: “he had the wit to woo you”*.

He did indeed have the wit as well as an abundance of kindness, thoughtfulness, love of West Wing, culinary skills, secretarial skills (!) and interest in the 2008 Presidential election (to name but a few) to woo me. Continue reading “The Silver Owl”

Blogger’s Block

Just a quick update as I’m struggling to find the words to describe Emily’s astounding achievement in completing her mammoth 200-mile coast to coast run. Full report to follow when I can write about it without crying but Continue reading “Blogger’s Block”

“Please Forgive Me If I Throw Up On Your Head”

That’s not what you expect your husband to say to you at any time, least of all on your wedding anniversary!

Emily Parsons is, among many other wonderful things, a supreme example of mind over matter. She completed Day 6 with aplomb. She smashed it out of the park. 24 miles starting from Ferryhill and finishing on the bridge directly above the start line of the Great North Run. Continue reading ““Please Forgive Me If I Throw Up On Your Head””

Stranger Things

[NB This hasn’t been edited by me given the lateness of the hour and my proof reader has fallen asleep. Any mistakes are my own and I will rectify them as soon as they are brought to my attention!]

Earlier, in a pub in Ferryhill I showed a man who I’d never met before (and probably won’t see again) the photos of my brain scans. More details of that later.

Emily Parsons. What a woman. Following on from her Facebook updates quoted in the last couple of posts, here’s Continue reading “Stranger Things”