What’s the Crack?

As I’ve previously mentioned, our lovely, crazy and inspirational friend Emily Parsons is running an average of more than a marathon a day for six consecutive days. On the seventh day, she will run the Great North Run. The GNR is just a half-marathon but we’ll let her off because it’s a Sunday, which is, after all, supposed to be a day of rest. She is undertaking this epic adventure to raise money for The Brain Tumour Charity.

A press release about her mammoth task was issued yesterday by the Charity. She has already received some well-deserved publicity on a news website, Cumbria Crack (see here). Yes, I was sceptical too about whether it is an online drug dealership but Emily has assured me it is a legitimate local news website!

Earlier today, Emily was interviewed by cfm. A clip of her interview is due to be aired on the 5pm news bulletin. I think (and hope) that we can listen to it here!

You can read more about her challenge (and about the AMAZING generosity of businesses and individuals supporting her) on her blog. You can sponsor her here if you should like to do so.

We are grateful beyond words for her love and support (and her fundraising!).



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