From Eternity to Hair

First, two firsts.

For the first time since at least October, I have worn a symbol of my married status. Although I have lost two and a half stone since Christmas, I still can’t get either my wedding or engagement ring on. Happily, my eternity ring is back on my ring finger:


Monday afternoon was the first time since early last year that Graham and I have been to the cinema together! We went to the Metro Centre cinema so that if I’d had the return of my dancing leg, it was close enough to home to get back without much fuss. We went to see, as is our style, a light film, Dunkirk. So our afternoon dates have escalated from hospital cafes to a “normal” date. We thought the film was excellent. Sadly, I didn’t manage to take a selfie as I didn’t think those around us would appreciate it so you’ll just have to take my word for it. (I’m an honest lawyer, honest.)

Gardeners’ World

This week, we bought the kids their first water guns. Jennifer loved it and soon was an expert in shooting water from two at the same time with both of her hands. Leo’s hand is too small to hold his gun and simultaneously press the trigger. He instead preferred to unscrew the water-holding canister and water the garden or, more accurately, things in our garden. Leo spent an inordinate amount of time watering an unusual faux stone bouncing rabbit-in-a-plant-pot “ornament” left behind by the previous owners.*

Back to Square One

We went to my parents’ house to mark my brother’s birthday with meatballs! We came back with another dozen or so boxes that we’d left at the Rents’ house (with a few more still to come). We had just finished unpacking everything that we had brought with us and had even put some pictures and photos up. So the place looks more like we’ve just moved in than it did when we’d just moved in!

We’ve still got a lot of kids’ books and toys left at my folks’ to sort through and decide what to keep. In the meantime, we are culling the paperwork down to the bare minimum and are keeping only a small fraction of our photos/souvenirs to keep only the special ones. If I don’t remember or care about the photo and I was there, I’m sure the kids won’t enjoy looking through them in the future! I’ve written on the back of each photo where and why it was taken and who is in it. I’ve tried to present a balanced view in choosing which photos I’ve kept. I don’t want to be presented/remembered as an idealised version of my flawed self. (Yes, I’ve kept photos of the mouldy brain haemorrhage shots night!)

A Tale of Two Teepees (and a Trampoline)

The day after Graeme’s birthday, Graham got out Jennifer’s “Sleepy Teepee” which used to live in her huge bedroom. (As the name suggests, she often elected to sleep in it instead of her double bed.) Graham put it up in the garden:


Inadvertently, we therefore had a mini re-enaction of my brother’s last birthday with a Cowboys and Indians theme for which I had hired a teepee for the garden. Jennifer’s small teepee has the capacity for just a couple of small hobbits to sleep in it, as opposed to the one I hired in 2006, which was over 20 feet in diameter – 24 if I remember correctly. That teepee would not even fit in our current garden!

The kids have been reunited with their trampoline. It was assembled in our garden yesterday after its transportation (in stages) from the Rents’ garden. It fits perfectly at the top of our garden (it could have grown there). We can see them from the dining room (and they can see us) but usually we are in the garden with them.

Travails and Travels

Tomorrow afternoon I will have two MRI scans (one with a dye that lights up particularly cancerous areas). My results are in a few weeks’ time.

Saturday will be Team Graeme football. Graeme’s friends get together twice a year specifically to commemorate his birthday and anniversary. They play football and then go to the Fairfield pub in Stockton (in which Graeme drank many a pint!). I obviously won’t be able to play football given my mobility issues (and haven’t actually played since 2013 or 2014) but Graham and Dad will be there. My Mam, the kids and I will hopefully join them in the pub.

We are then hopefully off for a few days in an accessible holiday cottage near Skipton in Yorkshire. The Brucie Bonuses of a much-needed break will hopefully be a few catch ups with some friends from university.

Rorsch[r]ach Ink Blot Test (Part Two)**

I had a slight loss of balance in trying to squeeze into a seat yesterday and instead ended up sitting on the dining room floor. The result was this bruise on my arm:


Say what you see!

Mona Lisa Whinge

Leo is a lovely little boy who has, among many other traits, a real character, comic timing, a great memory and fierce determination. As we all do, he gets upset when he doesn’t get his own way.  From time to time, he goes down on the floor in full tantrum mode. Most of the time, however, he expresses his displeasure through the medium of whinging. Loudly.*** A few weeks ago when Leo was whinging, a new nickname popped into my mind: Leonardo Da Whingey! I was so pleased with that one and thought that I’d share it.

Bed Head

I’m enjoying the fact that my hair is now long enough for slightly different bed-hair styles! This was this morning’s effort:


Hope each of you has an easy glide into a happy weekend.



*The rabbit had been in the pile to go to the tip. When Jennifer saw that it was being thrown out, she cried and said that she wanted to keep the bunny. Graham, being the softie that he is, agreed that she could keep it, so we’re stuck with it – for now!

**See Fallout 3 for the first test.

***Leo’s volume is not surprising as his first cry in the seconds after his birth had me and Graham exchanging glances of disbelief and wincing with the foghorn that came from our newborn baby.



2 thoughts on “From Eternity to Hair”

  1. I’m loving reading your blog Rachel. Using the words ‘Brucie bonus’ made me laugh out loud as my sister used to say that. You’ve filled my heart with warmth hearing someone saying it again ❤️

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