Scanniversary Eve

[We are now T-4 until Emily sets off on her nearly 200-mile journey from coast to coast and a mere 10 days until she finishes! Please take a few minutes to watch this video to hear Emily explain succinctly exactly what this epic challenge entails and how excited she is!

If you are (or can be) near Ferryhill on Friday 8 September, please consider attending the fundraiser that Emily mentioned in the video at the Manor House Hotel.

Since the video was released, the sponsorship money has shot up from the figure mentioned (about £2k) to over £3k. Thanks to all those who have supported and continue to support Emily logistically, financially and emotionally. If you would like to sponsor her, then you can do so here.]

As One Gate Shuts, Another One Opens

Yesterday was the first anniversary of Bananagate, when internet grocery shopping went awry. I thought that the “quantity” of loose bananas I ordered would be the actual number of bananas I wanted. I therefore chose seven. I discovered upon delivery that “quantity” meant weight in kilograms:


Tomorrow at 8.30am marks 525,600 minutes since I collapsed at home due to a full body seizure, a Blues and Twos rush to hospital and a CT scan that showed extensive swelling in my brain. As soon as I got back to A&E from having the scan, I was told that I almost certainly had a brain tumour. Thus, Squattergate began (I accidentally typed Squatterhate there, which works too!).* Continue reading “Scanniversary Eve”


Tritersaurus Wrecks

I’ve been mulling over this post in my head since watching this video about the worst things to say to people with cancer. I don’t mind people saying some of the things that others in the video found annoying but a few things resonated. It got me thinking about what annoys me the most (and what is helpful).

When Graeme was ill, a number of people asked me, “what do you say to someone with cancer?”, as if I was suddenly an expert in such things. I usually advised to take your lead from the person with cancer as everyone is different.

Now I’m on the other side of the tumour Continue reading “Tritersaurus Wrecks”

Get Set: The Best a Rach Can Get (The Nitty Gritty)

In case you haven’t read my previous post (tut tut), I had MRI scans a few weeks ago and got positive results on 22 August. The scans show (even to the layman) a reduction in the size of the tumour, the swelling around it and the activity of the Resident in my gray cells.

As I mentioned in said post, we knew it was positive when, as we walked through the door, Dr M said, “we’re really pleased with your scans”. Once we sat down, she asked me how I was feeling and how the seizures are going and then we got down to brain business. Continue reading “Get Set: The Best a Rach Can Get (The Nitty Gritty)”

Get Set: The Best a Rach Can Get

Just a short-ish post: the results are in from my scans a few weeks ago and they’re good!

Graham and I saw my Consultant Oncologist, Dr M, yesterday afternoon. As we walked with her through the door into her office, she said: “we are very pleased with your scans”. We therefore knew before we even sat down that it would be a positive appointment. Continue reading “Get Set: The Best a Rach Can Get”

Seizing the Day Without Seizing (For the Most Part)

The start of last week was restful, recovering from a busy week or so and conserving my energy for a busy weekend ahead. I slept well and chilled out watching a few episodes of “Orange is the New Black”, “Top of the Lake 2” and “The World at War”*.

We also introduced Jennifer to the first episode of Brian Cox’s Wonders of the Solar System. She has been interested in the Solar System Continue reading “Seizing the Day Without Seizing (For the Most Part)”

What’s the Crack?

As I’ve previously mentioned, our lovely, crazy and inspirational friend Emily Parsons is running an average of more than a marathon a day for six consecutive days. On the seventh day, she will run the Great North Run. The GNR is just a half-marathon but we’ll let her off because it’s a Sunday, which is, after all, supposed to be a day of Continue reading “What’s the Crack?”

Propose in Haste, Turn Silver at Leisure

On this date seven years ago, Graham asked me to marry him, having sought my parents’ permission a couple of days before. He had intended to propose the next day (a Saturday) but was so nervous that he jumped the gun. Continue reading “Propose in Haste, Turn Silver at Leisure”