Home is Where Our Kids Are

We are now living in The Hobbit House!

No thanks to me, I might add! It was all down to others, not least of all my Silver-husband! I slept pretty much all morning then packed my clothes and toiletries. (When I say packed, I piled them into a couple of bags.) I then rested and slept for most of the afternoon as I felt absolutely shattered after that gigantic effort. That’s not sarcasm, I felt like I’d climbed Kili again.

Garden Force (family on my Mam’s side) arrived at 2pm and they’ve done a great job in clearing out and tidying up some of the borders. Thanks, Carole and Judy, sorry I didn’t make it here to thank you in person.

I arrived at the house just before the kids’ bedtime. As we pulled up in the car, the kids were waving at me through the living room so I waved back. By the time I got out of the car, they were standing excitedly on the front door step in their pyjamas. Despite my mixed emotions about the move overall, I couldn’t help but beam at the sight before me and my heart lifted and melted at the same time. It was the perfect way for me to move in.

After putting the kids to bed (the first time I’ve put Jennifer to bed in eons), eating our tea and unpacking our clothes into our super-spacious wardrobes (mine is less than a third full – time for shopping!), we are now watching/listening to BBC Proms’ John Williams tribute:


Tonight, I will sleep in my own bed for the first time since 31 August:


I hope it’s as comfortable as I remember!

Thanks to the many dozens of people involved in getting us moved from our old house into this one, we can’t express enough how grateful we are.

Words just aren’t enough to thank those two special people who have enabled me to live with my husband and children since mid-November. We know it’s as natural for you to do everything you can for us (in good times and bad) as it is for the sun to rise in the morning. You say you don’t need thanks (although you could do with a few new carpets and decorating thanks to the kids’ exploits!). Here’s a big public thank you anyway.



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