Sickness Score (Part Five of Five)

Akynzeo/Metoclopramide 5 – 0 Temo

It’s a whitewash!

In Part Four of this mini-series, I wrote that I was worried about how my last day of chemo was going to be without my new best-friend Akynzeo. My lovely Silver Owl* said that, even if it was going to be a bad day, I should look back to where I was pre-treatment. In October, when I was in hospital at the QE, I worried that my seizures would mean that the brain surgery team at the RVI would be unwilling to proceed with my Awake Craniotomy. Post-surgery, I was seizing badly on a daily basis and extremely fatigued, so I worried that I was not going to be allowed or able to cope with six weeks of radio. Having got through that, I was so tired after the radiotherapy that, if I’d had the energy to think, I wouldn’t have thought that I could make it through six cycles of chemotherapy.

Graham said that to get this far from where I was is an amazing feat in itself. He pointed out that I’ve generally felt increasingly better and have bounced back quickly from each poisoning as the months have passed. After that inspirational pep talk, I got down to business and took my medicine!

All My Troubles Seemed So Far Away

I felt on the cusp of nausea most of yesterday, particularly in the afternoon and evening, although I think some of it might well have been psychosomatic. If they’d told me that it lasted 108 hours rather than 88, I wouldn’t have been expecting any nausea yesterday so maybe I wouldn’t have felt any!

I had eaten some breakfast and lunch (so I wasn’t any lower in energy than usual!) but I didn’t eat anything for tea except some slices of cucumber and a couple of spoonfuls of yogurt. (I found an ally in cucumber to cleanse one’s palate and rehydrate.)

Yesterday, therefore, turned out to be a better day (by far) than the best day of the previous cycle. The whole cycle was almost as good as my first cycle. Not a bad way to finish the course of treatment that I have been prescribed (craniotomy, six weeks of radiotherapy and six months of chemotherapy).

For that, I’m grateful. To those who have shown me love and support along the way, “grateful” doesn’t quite cover it. Please keep it coming, there’s hopefully a long, long way to go.


*Among other things, he’s not nocturnal and he doesn’t (usually) hoot but he is wise beyond his tender years.


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