Sickness Score (Part Three of Five)

Akynzeo 3 – 0 Temo

My Dad was looking into the anti-sickness drug on Thursday evening (as an Industrial Chemist does in his spare time!). He told me that Akynzeo is a compound of something and something else (he said the names of the somethings but I don’t care much about that). What was more interesting to me was that he read that each tablet costs the NHS £69, whereas in America it costs $600 per tablet. I think that, even with fluctuations in the exchange rate, it’s pretty safe to say that the NHS gets the better deal.

American politicians who criticise a single-payer system often say that it’s socialism for the Government to provide healthcare. Yes, it’s a socialist policy. It’s socialism at its very finest. I, for one, am beyond grateful that it doesn’t matter how much one earns or the scope of one’s health care insurance to be treated without worrying about how much the treatment costs.

Thank you, Aneurin Bevan.

In Memoriam Grandads

Yesterday was 28 years since my Grandad Ivor died. I’ll write about him in a later post after I finish my “Grandad Jim” post.* Although I’ve had no sickness or nausea so far during this hexycle, Akynzeo has a potential side effect of fatigue (as do all of my anti-seizure meds). Since my school trip on Thursday, I’ve been a bit wiped out to say the least so I haven’t done much except sleep and eat!


*These posts will be for anyone who’s interested but they are primarily written to leave memories and family history for my kids when they are much older.



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