It’s Moving Day!

Well, almost!

The majority of our furniture from our “old” house is moving into the Hobbit House today. We have to leave a few things behind due to lack of space in the bungalow, including a sofa and Jennifer’s double bed. Jennifer is moving into a much smaller room than her old bedroom. Thankfully, she is beyond excited about her new bedroom, not least because of her chosen colour scheme (pink, purple and “golden” (not “gold”)) and new cabin bed, which includes a slide to come down from the bed!

Thank U

The family who went up to our old house on Saturday shun the limelight (and photos) so I’ll give them a nom de plume of “The Shot Puts”. The Shot Puts (including parents and children) dismantled our furniture that can’t fit through the doors! We also had a team on Saturday assembling furniture at our new house (thus, making space for the furniture moving in today), including the B&Bs and Mrs Electricity. A huge shout-out to one of the Mr Bs, who got up early to run 13 miles as part of his training for a half Ironman so that he could come over with his wife and in-laws and help with the construction work all day. Another friend, Mr Peacock, worked late with Graham on Friday night and last night. My Dad worked hard yesterday on some technical oojamaflip.

That’s not to mention the baby/rachy-sitters, without whom Graham and my Dad would not be able to have done so much. That includes my Mama and My Cousin Rachel*.

Thank you all (including India?)!

How ‘Bout Getting Off These Antibiotics?

I felt a bit nauseous, spaced out (more than usual) and generally off-kilter for a few days until yesterday. I think it was due to the double dose of antibiotics I took for five days. I had checked instructions and they said the four doses needed to be spaced evenly throughout the day. I was specifically checking whether I needed to take them before, with or after food but couldn’t see any reference. On Day 2, I started feeling nauseous and a bit weird not long after I’d taken my third dose of the day.

My Dad queried whether I needed to take them on an empty stomach so I checked again before taking the next dose. I read in small print ABOVE the regular instructions of how to take them that it has to be on an empty stomach! Taking them immediately after breakfast along with my usual tablets and almost immediately after lunch might partially explain the queasiness! If I could be bothered, I would write a strongly-worded letter to complain about the instructions being in two places.

Some other possible reasons why the antibiotics might have affected me so much are: I was on a high dose; my immune system is weaker than it used to be (and that’s saying something!); and, I read on Day 3 that side effects for the antibiotics include nausea, sickness and diarrhoea. I was lucky to get away with suffering only the first one of those.

It was a Double Fault: one by the label-makers in putting instructions in two different places; and, one by me in only looking at the instructions only where I expected them to be. Here is a photo of the front of the box (I’ve marked it up in colour):


Do you see what I mean? For brain-injured people like me, it’s not ideal to have instructions in two places!

Despite all of that mini-drama, the antibiotics seem to have done the trick: my toe and foot are no longer burning up, swollen and red.

Sun- and Water-Soaked Fun

Whether because I had corrected the timing of my antibiotic-taking, or whether my body had adjusted to this latest medicated assault, I felt back to my “new normal” by yesterday morning. Me, my Mam and Rachel had a lovely afternoon playing with the kids out in the sunny garden, including some hosepipe fun. I managed at one point to blast water in the jet setting straight into my face from less than a foot away as I was trying to turn the nozzle to the more-sedate mist setting. D’oh! Fortunately, I sprayed the kids with right setting!

My Mam and I also had the joy of our first-ever experience of an Ice-Cream Van pulling up right outside the house. Not once in my 36 years and my Mam’s X number of years have either of us lived on a street visited by an ice-cream van. We were more excited than the kids initially, although Jennifer and Leo were soon excited when my Dad bought them a Mr Whippy each with Monkey’s Blood drizzled over them! They looked yummy:**



Although it’s been bouncing up and down quite a lot, I’ve come down from almost 30 tablets a day a few months ago to 15 tablets a day today. Hopefully, depending on my blood test results, from Wednesday until Sunday that will temporarily go up to 18 or 19 a day (depending on how many chemo tablets I have to take with my reduced dose).

Birthday Girl (Almost)

Today is the 36th anniversary of my due date, 18 days after I born. As I weighed 10 pounds and two ounces, if I’d gone to term, I would have rivalled my son’s 10 pounds and 11.5 ounces. He wins on that front! I’ve not had any cards yet, but the post hasn’t come so I live in hope…

To finish on a sweet note, even sweeter than a Mr Whippy: a couple of nights ago, Jennifer went to see Leo in the bath and said to him: “I’m here to love you”. My heart melted quicker than a Mr Whippy on a hot day!


*She’s not really a cousin but “My Friend Rachel” would not work for the reference.

**Although we were more excited than anyone at the sight of the van, Mam and I didn’t have any ice-cream as we try to eat minimal sugar. With Mam, it’s due to diabetes; and, with me, it’s on the recommendation of my neurologist.



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