All Over Me Like a Rash

So I’m ok…but Drama Queen has struck again. I was itchy all over my body yesterday from the moment I woke up (before I put on my make-up). I checked everywhere regularly and couldn’t see any spots/rashes. At about 2pm, I checked again and a little red pinprick rash had appeared on my tummy. G rang the chemo helpline and the Registrar on call said I should go in to the Freeman to get fully checked over.

By the time I got to hospital, the little spots had spread to both sides and my back. My blood pressure, temperature and oxygen levels were all normal. I had blood sucked out of me for tests and they put in a cannula in case the tests showed that I needed any fluids intravenously:


The Registrar said that she was not sure what was causing the rash but ruled out shingles. Although it was the first thing that had sprung to mind given our recent pox experiences, I had looked up pictures of it on the NHS website and I was pretty sure my rash wasn’t shingles but it was reassuring for a doctor to confirm.

The Registrar said she was not worried and said the spots could be caused by heat rash or hayfever so she prescribed anti-histamines. Once they kicked in, they helped massively with the Itchy and Scratchy Show. She wanted me to wait for the blood test results, which came back fine, so a couple of hours after we arrived, we were released. Ironically, it was the first time I had been out of the house since last week’s trip to the same hospital!

I crashed as soon as I got home and, although I’ve been dosing on and off this morning, I still feel shattered. Happily, the spots have faded overnight and there are no new ones so far today.

Never a dull moment.

Sunshine on a Stormy Day

Leo, meanwhile, is back on top mischievous form. Jennifer is her usual kind and thoughtful self. In different ways, they make our hearts melt and our bellies laugh. Leo is crazy about cleaning the floor, walls, doors and anything else if he finds a tissue, cloth or tea towel. He squeals with excitement when we get the Dyson out and “helps”, he takes a toy hoover around the house and turns it on to hoover up where he sees mess and he’s obsessed with brushes – the bigger, the better:


When the Silver Fox took them both out a couple of weeks ago, J said: “I’m desperate to hold Leo’s hand daddy, because he’s my best friend…”. Last week, she asked my Dad to put her to bed and then held her hand out to shake his hand and said: “how do you do”. We were in stitches laughing. She went out to the supermarket in a pink and black flamenco dress that a friend had bought her in Spain – this is her mid-twirl before she went:


I would probably not have worn the dress when I was younger (and still wouldn’t!) but I certainly would never have gone out in it in a million years!

Mea Culpa

These two friends from university came over and down respectively on Sunday to paint our new utility room:



I (unforgivably) omitted to thank them in my previous post. I haven’t seen their artistic work yet but I am sure it looks better than any professional could manage! Apologies that I haven’t thanked you on my blog before now. My only excuse is fatigue: Graham said he could tell from my last blog post that I was tired when I wrote it because it wasn’t as well-written as usual. There’s a backhanded compliment if ever there was one!

Queen’s Speech

I haven’t seen any details of the Speech. I assume it was short and bitter: we have a minority government with no mandate and the Queen wants to get back to Ascot! However, I did read this before the Speech in the Guardian this morning and the last two sentences made me laugh:

“It’s the state opening of parliament, but a slimmed-down, ceremony-lite, pomp-free version. The Queen will be arriving at the House of Lords in a car, not a carriage, and she won’t even be wearing the imperial state crown. Apparently that’s because the snap election meant there was a clash with other royal pageants, like Trooping the Colour, and so the Household Cavalry or whoever would not have had time to practice for it. But it is hard not to read this as a verdict on the quality of our governance. After all, if Theresa May couldn’t secure a majority, why should the Queen see fit to bother with a crown.”


PS I have just eaten my first proper meal in over a week. The nausea has gone as of this morning. You know what they say: one ailment door closes and another one opens….


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