From Head Down to Heads Up!

I’ve had the roughest tablet-taking cycle so far, which thankfully finished yesterday. I have been feeling so nauseous with no appetite for most of this cycle. Over the last few days, I’ve had a fruit smoothie for breakfast and a little smoothie for tea and nothing else except water. When drinking water was making me gag, I knew that I really was in a sorry state. I have very little energy given how little I’ve eaten.

Last night, I was sick immediately after taking an anti-sickness tablet (isn’t it Ironic: I hadn’t even been feeling sick before I took the tablet!). It was immediately bile that came up, which was not surprising given that I’d barely eaten for a few days so there was nothing in my stomach.It made me feel sorry for myself and wondering if I could hack the final cycle next month. I know that it’s likely that the next cycle will be even worse. I felt last night as I was throwing up bile that, if the chemo is doing anything to the Squatter, it’s only postponing the inevitable.

Sunny Side Down

I felt better this morning than I have done for at least five days, but I still felt nauseous and wary of eating anything. This afternoon, I ate a cracker, which is the first solid food I’d had since Friday night (even then, it was just a bit of avocado and a few crackers). This evening, I had a further cracker and a bit of avocado. I’m now feeling a bit less sorry for myself as I have reminded myself that I am likely to pick up within a few days, as I have done with every cycle to date. It’s a weird comparison but I feel like when I’ve drank too much and have been as sick as a dog and vowed never to drink any form of alcohol ever again. Within a couple of days, that’s all forgotten! I hope that will be the case with this bout of tiredness and personal sunlessness*.

Sunshine on a [Personally] Rainy Day

Today came a ray of sunshine in the form of a visit from Mrs Weasley and her pseudo son-in-law to help with further painting duties. Mrs W gave me a copy of the Cumbrian newspaper “News and Star” featuring Ms Weasley and her insane challenge. The print version is below but, unless you’ve got 40/40 vision, you might like to read it online here. The article is lovely and made me shed a tear or two. (My only minor quibble with it is that it says I’m a “former” lawyer. I hope there’s life in me yet on that front: I have people and companies to sue!)



*I am quite sure that this isn’t a word. If you don’t like it, sue me!


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