Blah, Blah, Blah; Bleurgh, Bleurgh, Bleurgh

By coincidence, a friend had an appointment (not cancer-related) at the Freeman Hospital yesterday when Mam and I went to pick up my poison pills.* Even though we had different appointment times, we were finished at the same time so we met in the Coffee House at the hospital for a natter. I have done more socialising in various hospitals over the last nine and a half months than anywhere else! The company was great and we had a lovely catch up, but the coffee wasn’t as good as it is at, say, Coffee on the Quayside.

I took my tablets while at the Coffee House, another place to add to my collection. So far, I’ve taken Temo the Chemo at my Rents’ Care Home, beside a lake, beneath the trees, in the car in a B&Q car park and now the Coffee House in the hospital. The glamorous life I lead!

Weak and Wobbly

Within four hours of taking the tablets, and before I had even eaten anything, I had vomited violently three times. I think the foul taste was some of the Temo coming back up; whatever it was, it wasn’t pleasant. Although I suspect no one likes to be sick, I truly hate it and always have done. It’s during these chemo-induced bouts of vomiting that I feel at my lowest ebb. I fear that I won’t be able to cope with the rest of my treatment. Further, the fact that some of the chemo might have come back up within a few hours makes me worry that it’s not even having enough time to get to my tumour to try to stop the Squatter in its tracks.

I felt wiped out and fell asleep almost immediately after the last bout of sickness. My Dad woke me up at around 10pm as I needed to eat something before taking my evening tablets. I had half a smoothie, took my tablets and, thankfully, they stayed down. A couple of hours later, after chatting to my Mam, I fell asleep again, this time until this morning. As Graham is still in quarantine, Mam insisted on sleeping on the sofa in the next room in case I was poorly overnight. She truly is the Greatest Mam Ever.

Strong and Stable

A few more spots have appeared on Leo today while some of the earlier ones are crusting over. After a four-hour nap yesterday, he’s caught up on some sleep. Leo is, by all accounts, getting stronger, more stable and back to his normal mischievous ways by the day. Hurrah!

Cycle of Life

This morning, I felt a million times better than I had done last night. I had my usual breakfast smoothie preceded by, and followed by, my usual gazillion tablets. I tried to eat some soup earlier for lunch but realised after a spoonful or two that what little appetite I thought I had had dissipated. I’m therefore fasting for the rest of the day Given that I take my chemo tablets at 4pm and can’t eat for two hours both before and after, I will therefore be fasting for the rest of the day until I will have to eat something to take my evening tablets. So the cycle goes on. Needless to say, I hope that I won’t be sick again tonight and indeed for the rest of this cycle.

Weight Watchers

On the plus side (or minus side, as it were), my reduced appetite caused by the reduced steroid dose, together with my distinct lack of appetite during the chemo cycles, means that I’ve lost about half a stone over the last four weeks. Since Christmas, I’ve lost about a stone and a half so I am now just fat rather than super fat! The guaranteed (involuntary) weight-loss programme of champions: chemotherapy!


*Dad looked after Leo; Jennifer was at nursery; and, Mam took me to the hospital. Thus, my haggard hubby got a couple of hours’ break.



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