Hats Off and Gloves On

Leo’s high temperature has disappeared without triggering a seizure during its unwelcome stay, which is a mighty relief. Meanwhile, his multitude of chicken pox spots are apparently huge and troublesome on his legs in particular. The Silver Bird Dog said that Leo was so uncomfortable last night that he didn’t settle properly until 1.30am and only had about six hours sleep, which is about half of his usual 11/12 hours. Our poor little man and poor Silver Pigeon have been shattered today. Hopefully it’ll be a short sharp burst of the pox, Leo will not suffer too much in the meantime and they’ll be back here in a couple of days.

Give Me a Break

After last night’s sleeplessness, and assuming tonight will be similar, the Silver Fox will be a bit tired. We’ve therefore decided that he needs a “break”. By “break”, we mean that my parents will look after Leo while Graham takes me to the Freeman Hospital to pick up my chemo tablets ready to start on the Pentcycle! What a lucky man he is! (He is certainly a good ‘un.)

Hats Off

Recently, I’ve not worn anything on my head when I’m in the house and garden. My kids are comfortable with what I look like without any headwear so, if they’re happy, I’m happy. Jennifer actually laughed out loud when she first saw the zig zag shapes on the back of my head! She still laughs when I ask her if she wants a hairstyle like mine!

Yesterday, I went out without wearing any form of headwear for the first time since my hair started falling out over New Year. It wasn’t a conscious choice, I just forgot. I only went to the doctors and back (so it was an appropriate place to go looking ill!). I thought I’d be too self-conscious to “go commando” (head style) but I neither looked for, nor noticed, anyone who stared or looked right through me, which is pleasing. I still wore my purple buff when I went out today, though, as vanity hasn’t completely gone out of the window!

My hair as it stands looks almost “normal” from the front, patchy on the sides and weird from the back (see photos here if you wish). Where it’s growing back, it’s coming along nicely but there is still a big bald patch on the top. My zig zags have started to fill in with new hair. I’m sort of sad to see the zig zags go as they were my favourite feature in what was left of my hair (albeit a bad feature, but a feature nonetheless)!

I have, for the minute, kept my mullet because it gives the appearance when I’m wearing a buff that I’ve got more hair underneath than I actually do. When I’m not wearing my buff, however, my hair looks a bit bonkers! I’m therefore considering getting my mullet cut so that it still looks normal-ish when I’m wearing my buff but when I don’t wear it, I won’t have to change my name to Rachel Pipkin!

Iceberg A-Head

I saw this the other day and it neatly sums up how I am under the water, although I don’t think I could go so far to say that I look fine above the water (see above re my hair!):


Same Old Tired News

I expect, as I was with the last cycle, to be clobbered by Temo the Chemo after the gloves go on* for about a week, starting tomorrow evening. I’ll try to keep you posted but, in this case, no news is not necessarily bad news: it’s likely just to be tired and nauseous news.


*Remember: the tablets are too poisonous to come into contact with any skin so we have to wear medical gloves when handling them…


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