Bloaty McBloatface

This week in the Turner-Cole household has included a little less drama than in recent weeks, a lot more soft furnishing decisions for the Hobbit House and sorting out paperwork and photos from the last 18 years.

I found lots of good photos that brought back great memories. I still think that 15 years ago I must have been about 11 or 12, but, no, this photo was taken on my 21st birthday in 2002:


This photo, on the other hand, was taken yesterday:


Not much difference, hey? I think I look about 25 years older than in the first photo, which would make me nearly 46! As my steroids dose has come down, so has my appetite. The bloated look has therefore reduced somewhat, but I still have three chins so, fear not, the title of this post is not misleading! (Jennifer said my tummy was “fat” the other day, which, to be fair, it is!)

Slim Pickings

As you can probably tell by now, there is not much news to report. This is good in a way as it means there have been no dramas; it’s also a reflection of the high sleep and low activity levels in my life.

I am currently averaging a seizure every four or five days, but they are usually limited to my lower leg. In between sleeping, sorting and selecting, I’ve managed to watch the first 25 minutes of the first episode of the new season of “Twin Peaks”, the first episode of “Paula” and an episode of “Last Tango in Halifax”. Yesterday, I had a quick trip to Gibside with the Silver Bird Dog, Mam and the kids. The selfie above was taken on a mobility scooter on a trip down The Avenue at Gibside (the scooter was stationary during the photo-taking, I assure you!).

Politics on the Brain

Suffice to say, I’m not a big fan of the Tories (to say the least) but usually they are the best at campaigns and “messaging” than all of the other parties put together. This time, well, it’s been Mayhem. Unnecessary mayhem at that. I like this satirical piece about May and Corbyn.

I currently have no words on Trump’s incompetence and stupidity except: “I told you so”. I’ll just leave this here (thanks, Tezza P, for sharing it on Facebook):


A Half for RT [Not Me]!

My friend Rachel, who I previously mentioned was doing three running/riding events to raise money for the Brain Tumour Charity, completed the third challenge last weekend: the Edinburgh Half-Marathon. Not only did she complete it in hot conditions, she smashed 20 minutes off her half-marathon PB. Amazing job and thank you for raising money. You can add to the coffers here.

Have a good weekend!



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