One Egg is an Oeuf

I was given the green light to start driving the Quadcycle on Wednesday. I know that the cyber-attack affected many people, including many radiotherapy, chemotherapy, Consultants’ appointments and operations being cancelled. Fortunately, the cyber-attack didn’t affect me save that the backlog meant that I had a longer wait than usual at the Hospital on Wednesday but that was ok. I’m not going to write a lengthy rant but I can’t understand why anyone would use their IT talents in such a destructive way.

A Little Less Conversation

Graham and I had chosen the novelty of talking to each other on the way to the hospital rather than listening to Smooth fm as we usually do. Had we chosen the radio, we’d have heard the local news and traffic alerts that there was flooding in Newcastle due to burst pipes and that a couple of roads were closed, one of which we always use on the way to the Freeman.

Instead, we didn’t find out about the road closure until we approached and cones were blocking our way. Rather than taking the Jason Bourne approach of just driving on through, we took the long way round. We then couldn’t find a parking space outside the Cancer Centre so Contingency Cole only just managed to get me to my appointment on time. A foolish decision to engage in conversation with one’s spouse!

Green Light, Green Gills

As with the tricycle, my first day back on the tablets ended with vomiting. I didn’t even get half-way through my meal when I felt nauseous. Sure enough, half an hour later, I asked the carers to pass me the bucket. On the third cycle, after that first night, I had increased the suggested two-hour gap between chemo and eating to closer to three. I had also taken an anti-sickness tablet immediately before my meal. That did the trick for the remainder of that cycle.

As I had cracked it last time, I duly took an anti-sickness tablet and started eating over four hours after I’d taken the tablets. Sadly, the strategy that worked last time failed me on Wednesday. The annoying thing is that I wasn’t even hungry when I started eating my tea, but, as I need to eat something before taking some of my usual tablets, I felt that I should do so. My strategy yesterday (Day 2) was to eat as simply and as little as possible to satisfy my hunger before taking the poison pills. After the chemo, I then waited until I was hungry. I was only slightly hungry by 10pm so I had one scrambled egg and took my usual tablets after 10 minutes or so once I was sure that the egg had settled. Everything stayed down. Let’s hope the strategy continues to work!

Happy Haikus

Our Boy

The boys are back here

as Leo is healthy now;

it’s good to have them.

“Jackdaw” and “bubble”

are two words that he can say

(Grandad Keith taught him).

Our Girl

J said yesterday

that my hair is growing back

so I’ll soon be well.

On a Star Wars note,

she called DV “smelly pants”:

G and I were proud!

Hobbit House

Builder’s Crack Team

Alan and his team

are working super speedy

to get the job done.

We should be finished

the works and decorating

in a month or so.

Virgin Money

G’s colleagues from work

came on Monday to help out

with preparations.

They sanded and washed

the walls in preparation

for plaster and paint.

They also sanded

all the doors and skirting boards

ready for the gloss.

They worked so quickly,

their plan to come on Tuesday

was duly postponed.

Five of the army

of the eight people who came

are in this photo:


Other Volunteers

We’ve had lots of folks

offering to help with jobs;

we are so grateful.

There’s a lot to do

so we’ll no doubt yelp for help

from those who’ve offered!

Belated Credit

One of my agents

(who has the Codename “Black Tongue”)

deserves some credit.

BT was the one

who learned about bird-dogging

from an attorney.

She told me ’bout it:

thus a new nickname was born:

the Silver Bird Dog.


An update on dosh

that’s been raised for charity

that I mentioned here.

The final total

from Bond Dickinson’s cake sale

was the mighty sum

of seven hundred

and seventy-seven pounds

and thirty-three pence!

“Back to the future”

raised at least one hundred and

twenty British pounds!

Hair on the G String [“G” is for growing]

As mentioned by Jennifer yesterday, my hair has started to grow back. It’s coming through in patches at different times.  Some parts of my head, however, remain almost completely bald! I’m cultivating a new kind of hairstyle. See here for some hot-off-the-iPad photos.









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