Cooped Up

Graham and the kids continue to live in the Quarantine House. The good news is that the sickness bug has apparently left the family without affecting me (oh, the irony).

Jennifer has loads of chicken “pops” spots with a few more appearing each day even as the earlier ones are crusting over. I read earlier that new spots can appear up to five days after the first ones appear so tomorrow will be the end of the beginning. The rate at which they are appearing has gone down, so we are hopeful that she’ll soon be back to normal and out of quarantine, which is when they’ve all crusted over! Jennifer said earlier the spots are not itchy and she’s not been scratching. Graham says it’s uncomfortable and, at times, painful for her when he puts the cream on her to the extent that she gets upset.

The Lion Sleeps Tonight [or Not]

Leo went to nursery today as, despite being in close proximity to Spotty Dotty for the last five days, he’s not got any spots. Maybe chicken pox is too normal a childhood disease for him and so his body has said “thanks, but no thanks”?

Leo was up very early after the first night in quarantine as he didn’t sleep after waking at 4am. He might have been unsettled by his “new” surroundings; he hasn’t been in the house since mid-November let alone slept there. Nearly six months is a long time for a 17-month old! Thankfully for Graham, our cub has slept better over the last few nights.

All Noisy on the Western Front

Life in quarantine has, by all accounts, been playful and noisy. Jennifer apparently got upset when Graham dropped the bombshell that they have no internet in the Quarantine House: no Netflix ergo no Paw Patrol. Quelle horreur! I’m glad I wasn’t there to see that particular meltdown!

One of my Mam’s cousins spent most of Sunday at the house playing with the kids, with Graham even sent to have a lie down while Leo napped. She also brought delicious food provisions. Jennifer, in particular, loved the day, especially the origami bird-making! Leo had fun too and, at one point, they found him happily sitting on the dining table with his legs crossed, eating orange cake with a spoon! I don’t blame him, mind, our cousin’s orange cake is amazing!

All Quiet on the Eastern Front

Meanwhile, on the other side of the village, it is very quiet here at the Rents’ Establishment without three-quarters of the Rowlands Gill Coles. I miss them and their noise! I’ve seen them all briefly a couple of times and spoken on the phone/FaceTime. Today we had some extended time with Graham and Jennifer in the Hobbit House and here. Jennifer is bright and in good spirits. She told me that the spots are getting better but when I asked to see them, she said that only Daddy can see the spots that aren’t on her face. We played with the new “interactive” doll, carrier and buggy that she’d chosen with Grandma for being as good as gold while cooped up with her chickens.

When I was in hospital for 43 nights over two and a half months, I missed the kids (and other special people) intensely. However, I was so tired most of the time that I wasn’t able to do or say much even when I saw them. I felt like I was losing precious time with my family because of my fatigue but I was too wiped out to do anything about it. I am now feeling relatively energetic, having had no seizures since Thursday and sleeping well. I am coming towards the end of my chemo cycle, which has been, to date, my “good” time and I’m losing precious time with them again. For a different reason, I can’t do anything about it this time either!

I have spent much of the last few days and evenings sitting with my feet up watching “Versailles”, various football matches (most of which were not exciting games) and even a movie over a few nights (Saving Mr Banks). I know having time on one’s hands for leisure sounds like heaven to those of you juggling work, childcare, washing, cleaning one’s house and without enough hours in the day. It’s certainly a novelty for me to have so much spare time. The problem is, as ever, the Squatter and all the shenanigans that come with it.

When I say that I’m feeling relatively energetic, it really is relative. Reading books makes me tired, which is one thing that I’ve longed to have more time for in recent years. My mobility issues mean that I can’t walk very far and, even if I could, my propensity for seizing without much (if any) warning means that I can’t be on my own, particularly outside. Being out in the wheelchair for too long makes me tired. The list goes on. All of this is to say that, unlike the pre-Immigrant Times, I now have the time but not the ability to do what I want!

I’ll still take the current frustrations over the fatigue and seizures, though!

All Busy on the Hobbit Front

Alan and his team are working their socks off. He’s provisionally putting up the stud walls today/tomorrow. We stopped by today to measure out the provisional room sizes with the shower, sink and toilet footprints marked out in the en-suite; our bed and wardrobe were similarly marked out in the bedroom. We needed to make sure that I have enough space to manoeuvre with my turning circle being that of a tanker. We agreed the provisional measurements.

The plumber (sadly, he’s not called Mario) is coming tomorrow to do his first bit of plumbing and/or plumbing planning. Graham agreed to go up in the morning and explain from the plan he’s prepared where we want the radiators in the new rooms and where we would like radiators to be moved to in two of the existing rooms.

Almost Finished on the Paint/Carpet Front

My parents and I have had a few stroll ‘n rolls to Tesco and the Hobbit House. Yesterday, we even ventured out to Homebase (yes, more paint samples) and a carpet shop. After the colour-blind silver fox signed off his approval earlier, we have all the paint colours chosen except for the kitchen. I haven’t yet made up my mind as to what colour I want for the kitchen so I haven’t bought any paint samples.

We’ve chosen all the carpets that we need. Jennifer thankfully approved our choice for her room earlier today. I had provisionally chosen the carpet for our room (pending the silver pigeon’s approval) this morning, the colour of which is appropriately named “Wood Pigeon”! I promise that I chose it before I looked on the back and saw the name. The Decrepit Silver Pigeon himself agreed that it was surely meant to be without seeing it and has now seen and approved the choice.

Graham has asked me to go with him tomorrow to look at showers, baths, sinks and toilets. How could I refuse such an enticing offer? And who said romance is dead?!

All Despair on the Election Front

Maybe Theresa May took advice from Trump on the brazen hypocrisy front when she met and held hands with him. She claimed that the SNP was “playing politics” by calling for another independence referendum in the aftermath of the Brexit referendum yet she’s doing the same with calling the election. She’s called an election that she said on numerous occasions wasn’t needed, for a mandate that she previously said that she already had, to charge towards a Brexit that pre-referendum she said she was against and now seems to be promising a Hard Brexit. That anyone of any political persuasion could believe this utter BS is ludicrous.

[I’ve written a few more ranty paragraphs about the election and how everyone is letting us down on all sides. Better to get it out than keep it in, so they say. I could have written a hundred more. I have moved them “below the line” so that anyone who is interested can read them.]

From chicken pox to headless chickens, we’ve come full circle. On a lighter note, I will leave you with this link to a Chicken Dance video that made me smile and calmed me down after thinking about the Election too much.

Oh, I forgot to say: Vive La France for not electing a fascist president!



Playing Politics

So why is TM doing what she claimed she wouldn’t? She’s probably doing it because, if the Brexit talks don’t go well, it would have been evident right before the next scheduled General Election. She’s probably doing it because the so-called opposition parties are currently inept and so she’ll no doubt increase her majority. She’s possibly doing it to avoid the Tories’ alleged spending irregularities resulting in any possible charges before any election.

This is a Prime Minister and Party whose mantra is “strong and stable”. A strong leader is not necessarily a good one. Putin is a strong leader to name but one example. As Jonathan Pie says in this video, there’s much to be angry about with Theresa May, her predecessor and the Government that shows they have not provided any stability either. If any low- to middle-income, sick and/or disabled people (to name but a few groups of the electorate) vote for the Tories, it seems to me that it’s like turkeys voting for Christmas. My friend saw graffiti during the last election that said “the Tories, putting the ‘n’ in ‘cuts’“.

The Tories are now proposing energy pricing caps, a policy that David Cameron decried as “Marxist” during the last election. See the contrasting headlines of the Daily Hate when Ed Miliband proposed it before the last election and recently when the Tories unveiled the policy:


Where’s the opposition in all of this? There are some policies coming out of Labour but the party is at war with itself. From the in-fighting and inept organisation to the unpreparedness of Diane Abbott in her embarrassing unveiling of a policy, it’s just like a train wreck. The Liberal Democrats were relegated to the numbers of a minor party at the last election. Nick Clegg is one of the few recognisable faces fronting their campaign but one can’t help seeing him and remembering how he drank the Tory Kool-Aid when he had a sniff of “power”. Who therefore believes the Lib Dems with their promises? Who believes anyone in politics? This short (18 seconds) clip is from the West Wing and I think it sums up my view of most politicians.

Don’t get me started on our First Past The Post System….it’ll bring on a seizure for sure!

(Footnote, I’ve just had a seizure!)




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