“How to Teach Relativity to Your Dog”

I was talking to a vicar recently about the theory of relativity (as you do). I joked that my Dad says that I don’t “believe” in the theory but it’s not that so much as a struggle to understand it! I understand the theory in very simplistic terms. However, I don’t “get” space-time and time dilation in particular. A couple of years ago, my Dad borrowed a book from the library, the title of which I’ve “borrowed” for the title of this post. Putting aside the possible Freddie Shepherd-like slur, I didn’t have time (whether space-time or otherwise) to read it so I am none the wiser and (I expect) always will be!*

The discussion with the vicar was about time and light and all that “stuff”. It made me think about the layman’s relativity of time: a happy event seems to pass by too quickly while a boring lecture (on the Theory of Relativity?) Continue reading ““How to Teach Relativity to Your Dog””



What could I possibly say that hasn’t already been said about the despicable attack in Manchester earlier this week? I’ve started this post a dozen times and have nothing to offer. I’m therefore going to do what I often do and borrow someone else’s words.

Tony Walsh, as I think most of you will know, wrote a poem “This Is The Place” in tribute to the past, present and future of Manchester (England’s second city). If you haven’t already seen him read it at the vigil held in Manchester earlier this week, see it here. This short article sums up what I thought when I first heard Mr Walsh deliver his poem.  Continue reading “Manchester”

One Egg is an Oeuf

I was given the green light to start driving the Quadcycle on Wednesday. I know that the cyber-attack affected many people, including many radiotherapy, chemotherapy, Consultants’ appointments and operations being cancelled. Fortunately, the cyber-attack didn’t affect me save that the backlog meant that I had a longer wait than usual at the Hospital on Wednesday but that was ok. I’m not going to write a lengthy rant but I can’t understand why anyone would use their IT talents in such a destructive way.

A Little Less Conversation

Graham and I had chosen the novelty of talking to each other Continue reading “One Egg is an Oeuf”

Snotty not Spotty

Just a short one to say that, happily, Leo hasn’t had a temperature nor developed any spots over the last couple of days. He was a bit snotty on Sunday and yesterday but has been back to his usual Master Mischief ways so he must be feeling better! If he’s still on top form in the morning, he will be packed off to nursery and the Boys [will be] Back in Town tomorrow night (until the next drama unfolds….)!


Fighting Fit[s]

(To begin this story with the end of the story, I confirm that Leo is well and has been full of beans today. I think building up suspense is great for fiction but not for the recounting of a health scare for a 17-month old.)

Once more, we have the AMAZING NHS to thank for their quick and calm response to a health scare for our little man.


I started a blog post yesterday called “Chickens Home for Roosting” intending to share the joy that my family was back under one roof. Tiredness and seizures meant that I didn’t even finish the first paragraph. It turns out, in any event, that I would have spoken too soon to state that they were Back for Good. Continue reading “Fighting Fit[s]”

Cooped Up

Graham and the kids continue to live in the Quarantine House. The good news is that the sickness bug has apparently left the family without affecting me (oh, the irony).

Jennifer has loads of chicken “pops” spots with a few more appearing each day even as the earlier ones are crusting over. I read earlier that new spots can appear up to five days after the first ones appear so tomorrow will be the end of the beginning. The rate at which they are appearing has gone down, so we are hopeful that she’ll soon be back to normal and out of quarantine, which is when they’ve all crusted over! Jennifer said earlier the spots are not itchy and she’s not been scratching. Graham says it’s uncomfortable and, at times, painful for her when he puts the cream on her to the extent that she gets upset. Continue reading “Cooped Up”

The Circus of Life

This post is a health update but it’s mostly about my attention-seeking carers and children, who are dropping like flies around me!

Juggling Struggles

Leo was sick a couple of times at the end of last week and is better on that front. Jennifer followed with sickness late on Tuesday night but had recovered by mid-morning on Wednesday. Graham succumbed to the bug on Wednesday Continue reading “The Circus of Life”