Strike While the Iron is Lukewarm

The good news is that I finished the tablet-taking part of this third cycle of chemotherapy on Sunday without any further sickness after that first night. Today is the third of 23 days of the “kick back and rest” mode in this cycle. In my case, perhaps it should be known as the “kick-up seizure style and rest” mode!

Speaking of seizures, I had a couple of Meizures on Monday night. They were so close together (less than a minute), they were probably part of the same seizure activity in my beleaguered brain. They were almost certainly triggered by the tiredness I felt from the Leo-induced sleeplessness we’d endured the night before. Leo had cried every couple of hours from 8.30pm until around 3.30am. Graham was the one getting up to see to him but his crying woke up me and everyone else in the house. Although he’s up early each morning at around 6/6.30am, Leo has, for the most part, slept through the night since he was just under six weeks old. The other night, however, he was seemingly teething at the first shout-out but then it just seemed like that knocked him off his sleep all night even though he didn’t seem to be in any pain. He was perfectly fine in the morning and has slept well since. Just attention-seeking, then, like his mother!


On Saturday, as we’d completed on the bungalow the previous day, we decided to go to B&Q to look at tiles for our new shower room and utility room. We also wanted to get a few paint samples for those rooms for which we are pretty sure on the colour if not the specific shade. For those of you don’t know me, buying paint samples is one of my favourite things to do but it’s not a quick process. Graham has opinions on the colours but, being colour-blind, can’t tell the difference between slightly different hues. I, on the hand, enjoy finding the exact shade that’s in my mind’s eye. To give you an idea of our previous paint-choosing process, it took over 20 samples to get the right colour for our living room. I think my lowest number of paint samples for a room was 11 for our porch! This time around, however, as we are decorating seven rooms at once, I’m not sure I’ll have the energy or inclination to decide between so many samples per room!

It might have been Graham or my Dad who said it was mad to go to a shop on a Saturday when it would be much quieter to go on a weekday. I responded that, as I was feeling well enough to make the trip that day, it was best to seize the moment there and then rather than wait for another day when I might not be up to it.

Just as our trip to a lake coincided with the time that I needed to take my chemo tablets, so did the end of our trip to B&Q. When we came out, I sat in the car, put the latex gloves on and duly took the poison. Graham joked that it was definitely a low point to be taking chemo in a car park. As I pointed out, it was surely a high point that the chemo hadn’t stopped us from doing as we planned.

Stubble on the Double

I noticed that a small patch of stubble has grown at the front of my head, smack bang in the middle. It looks like it might end up being a mini-me version of the hairstyle that Ronaldo (the original, not Cristiano) had at the 2002 World Cup. Otherwise, I can feel a bit of stubble sporadically spread around my scalp but this is the only patch. My Dad joked last night that I had a 5 o’clock shadow! I’ll post some photos after my official hair photographer next visits.

Down, Dex

No, this doesn’t refer to what we often say to our friends’ Labrador, Dexter, but rather to my self-designated dexamethasone (steroids) weaning schedule. As of today, I’ve reduced the daily dose down to 2mg. I was taking 8mg a day a few months ago. I’ve not suffered any side effects since we slowed down the weaning so hopefully that pattern will continue. On the positive side, I’ve definitely been sleeping better (subject to Leo’s attention-seeking) since reducing the dose of the sleep-stealers.

While we are on the subject of drugs, my Dad (being an Industrial Chemist in both name and nature) prepared a document showing the chemical formulae of all the drugs I’m taking. For those who are interested (I can think of at least one of you!), although I have not a clue as to whether it is accurate, here it is:


Up, Rach

My steroid reduction, in turn, has indubitably given me a noticeable (but relative) boost in my energy levels to allow me to spend most of the day sitting up in the living room rather than lying flat in bed. This, in turn, allows me to see the kids more. Recently, I have usually helped get them undressed for the bath and sometimes even sat down on the (lid down) toilet to play with them in the bath.

I have also usually helped Jennifer to put on her eczema cream and pyjamas and read her bedtime stories before she goes upstairs to bed. Over the last week or so, we’ve been reading Mr Men books (kindly bought for her for Easter by a canny couple) and I’ve only missed one night. That was on Monday because my two seizures occurred during bath time so I was resting in bed afterwards. I think this run of story-time is a record over the last eight months.

Leo, meanwhile, often runs around after his bath, sometimes into other rooms, and crawls behind the sofa so one needs to catch him to get him ready for bed. Leo finds it funny during the chase but usually voices his displeasure having been caught. While I can’t do the chasing and catching, I often help one of the Triumverate to put on his cream and pyjamas.

Let’s (Not?) Talk Politics

I previously spent a lot of time ranting about Trump. My current mood on politics around the world is one of despair, which is manifesting itself by mimicking apathy. I don’t even know where to begin on the hypocrisy, never mind everything else. That’s one of the reasons why politics has taken a back seat on the blog (about which you might well be relieved!). I think that this cartoon sums up my conversations with friends and family:


Perhaps I’ll be ranting and pontificating again on the blog sooner rather than later!

In the meantime, take care of yourselves (and each other).



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