The Fruity Potato

I’ve seen the meme below a number of times:



The first time I saw it, I laughed out loud because I identified with it immediately. It captured my tiredness during a particularly busy and stressful time at work when I was pregnant with Leo. I saw it again yesterday and it made me laugh again but it also made me think of the ongoing efforts of the Triumverate of carers and their increasing tiredness. I haven’t told Mr C that I’m thinking of giving him a new nickname: the silver pigeon rather than the silver fox! On the one hand, it’s funny (at least to me it) but, on the other hand, I’m conscious that I shouldn’t bite one of the hands that feeds me, helps me into the bath/shower, pushes me in the wheelchair and helps me in a thousand other ways. Hmm, what to do, decisions, decisions….

As an aside, today is the eighth anniversary of the Silver Pigeon telling me that he thought I was canny during a night out with a load of friends, colleagues and ex-colleagues. The rest, as people have said, is a history of Stockholm Syndrome!* I should add that, although he’s possibly the Silver Pigeon now, he was not nearly so silver and certainly not as exhausted back then. He was more of a Salt-N-Pepa sprightly Tigger!

Mrs Potato Beard

The competition I announced in the Mrs Potato Beard section of R[est]2D[oozies]2 has now closed. The winner is (drumroll please) Rachel Taylor with this entry. I’ve given it the title “The Fruity Potato Head”. Well done Ms T, you’ve won an Easter egg!


PS For those of you who don’t know, the Silver Pigeon is the one with suspected Stockholm Syndrome!


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