Ruby Turners

Our weekend so far has been a lovely mixture of family and friends with more interlopers expected tomorrow. Just before lunch today, we had an Easter egg hunt in the garden. Jennifer has been excited about this for weeks and raced around collecting a big bounty of little eggs (to add to her big bounty of big eggs inside the house!). Leo, watching Jennifer (as ever), soon got the idea, but instead of putting the eggs he had found into the basket, he tried to unwrap and eat them even as he was looking for more. Another one who likes his food!


Today is my parents’ Ruby Wedding Anniversary. No one is more surprised than they are that they’ve made it this far!!! Mam has, like the good little housewife she has been for 40 years, spent a lot of time in the kitchen this weekend baking lots of delicious-looking cakes. I say “delicious-looking” because, as I’ve massively reduced the amount of sugar in my diet, I haven’t tried any of them. I’m assured, however, by good cake-loving folks around me that they are indeed as tasty as they look!

Congratulations Ma and Pa Turner!


I’m feeling pretty shattered after my sitting up exertions over the last few days. Plus, I had an hour or so of unexplained sleeplessness last night between 2am and 3/3.30am. I will therefore bid you good night and retire for the evening.

Wishing you all an abundance of blessings this Easter and always.


PS The Mrs Potato Beard competition results have been pushed back until tomorrow due to the sleepiness of the judge!




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