Let Them Eat Cake

After rambling updates Japanese style, the remainder of this post is about some wonderful fundraising by friends and former colleagues for the Brain Tumour Charity. Don’t worry, this is not a sponsorship request, it is a public thank you (whether they like it or not) to those who have raised money recently.

Haiku Updates – Health, Happiness and the Hobbit House

I’m feeling stable,

which might precede a set-back Continue reading “Let Them Eat Cake”


Strike While the Iron is Lukewarm

The good news is that I finished the tablet-taking part of this third cycle of chemotherapy on Sunday without any further sickness after that first night. Today is the third of 23 days of the “kick back and rest” mode in this cycle. In my case, perhaps it should be known as the “kick-up seizure style and rest” mode! Continue reading “Strike While the Iron is Lukewarm”

Heads Up[date]! 2017

I explained in a previous post that our friend Emily is doing a crazy 200-mile sponsored run for the Brain Tumour Charity. If you sponsor her online here TODAY ONLY, Virgin Money Giving will boost your donation by 10% at no cost to you.

Below is a screenshot of Virgin Money Giving’s official twitter account explaining why it is doing this. Below the explanation, in response to a twitter user’s question, VMG confirmed that it applies to ALL donations, not just to those who ran the London Marathon yesterday.

NB The site is very busy again today (but has not broken down) so you might need to refresh the page a few times before you can donate.  Continue reading “Heads Up[date]! 2017”

Nurse Pigeon

To begin where I left off last time, Leo is fine. He was checked out at the Walk-in Centre on Thursday evening and the various grazes were superficial. Apparently, at the Walk-in Centre, they’re not allowed to x-ray children under two (who knew) but the nurse was 95% sure that Leo’s finger wasn’t broken. Continue reading “Nurse Pigeon”


Yesterday, my assigned nurse at the Chemo Day Unit confirmed that my blood test results were fine and dandy. I was duly packed off with five days’ worth of Temo the Chemo to start my third cycle. I took the tablets around 4pm, along with an anti-sickness tablet. As I mentioned in a previous post, for those not paying attention, I have to take the Temo at least two hours after food and two hours before food.

I felt fine and had my tea at around 6.15pm. It was lamb and roasted veg, nothing unusual. I felt soon after that it had not quite settled in my stomach and then felt a bit nauseous. Less than an hour later, Jennifer chose Mr Greedy for a bedtime story Continue reading “C-Sick”

The Fruity Potato

I’ve seen the meme below a number of times:



The first time I saw it, I laughed out loud because I identified with it immediately. It captured my tiredness during a particularly busy and stressful time at work when I was pregnant with Leo. I saw it again yesterday and it made me laugh again but it also made me think of the ongoing efforts of the Triumverate of carers and their increasing tiredness. I haven’t told Mr C that I’m thinking of giving him a new nickname: Continue reading “The Fruity Potato”

Ruby Turners

Our weekend so far has been a lovely mixture of family and friends with more interlopers expected tomorrow. Just before lunch today, we had an Easter egg hunt in the garden. Jennifer has been excited about this for weeks and raced around collecting a big bounty of little eggs (to add to her big bounty of big eggs inside the house!). Leo, watching Continue reading “Ruby Turners”