The Cran[ial] Kick

The Headsmart campaign for early diagnosis in children has raised awareness of the specific symptoms of brain tumours to look out for in babies, children and teens. It has helped to reduce the average diagnosis time for children from 13 weeks to 6.5 weeks. The campaign is being relaunched in a bid to reduce this further to 4 weeks.

I missed an opportunity in my previous post to help you visualise the upwards leg- and foot-lift start to seizures that I tried to describe. I am someone who (proudly) knows the meaning of “wax on, wax off” Continue reading “The Cran[ial] Kick”


Two Steps Forward, Eight Kicks Upwards

There are many symptoms for brain tumours in adults (see here), most (if not all) of which are symptoms for other ailments too. As brain tumours are relatively rare, with around 10,600 people in the UK diagnosed each year, happily, most of the time the symptoms will not be due to a brain tumour but please make yourself aware of them to get checked out if necessary!

Today, as I mentioned in my last post, Continue reading “Two Steps Forward, Eight Kicks Upwards”

All Cancers are Equal, but Some Cancers are More Equal than Others

Brain tumours are the biggest cancer killer of children and people under 40 in the UK.

Six months ago today I collapsed at home and the Squatter was discovered. Today also marks the beginning of Brain Tumour Awareness Month (BTAM) in the UK. Unless you’ve stumbled across this page accidentally and haven’t heard of a brain tumour before, you might be thinking “well, duh, I’m already aware of brain tumours Continue reading “All Cancers are Equal, but Some Cancers are More Equal than Others”