Sleeping the Dream

Women wait longer than men to be diagnosed with brain tumours on average, according to findings The Brain Tumour Charity has called “worrying”. Research by the Charity found that female patients who visit the doctor due to concerns about symptoms are twice as likely as men to wait more than a year to be diagnosed. People from low income families with a household income under £20,000 are more than twice as likely as those with a higher household income to wait a year or more between a visit to a healthcare professional and the diagnosis of a brain tumour.

I finished the tablet-taking part of this second cycle last Sunday. I felt nauseous and had a reduced appetite over the weekend and on Monday but thankfully that subsided on Tuesday. Most days, I’ve been sleeping after breakfast for the rest of the morning. I feel sleepy rather than fatigued. This is good as, once I’ve slept, I generally feel refreshed and relatively energetic. I therefore try to spend afternoons, tea-time and pre-bedtime with the kids.

Where’s Wally?

  1. A few weeks ago, the four of us were driving in our car, with Ma and Pa following behind in their car. Jennifer piped up with the question: “Where’s Keith?” It cracked me and Graham up.
  2. Last Saturday, we had a lovely stroll/roll in the sunshine. Our trip out coincided with the time that I needed to take my chemo tablets so Graham had brought all the paraphernalia with us. The paraphernalia includes the tablets in their packets, scissors to open them and latex gloves to avoid contact between the tablets and our skin! While we were sitting on a park bench near a lake with lots of people walking and cycling by, Graham put the gloves on and sorted out the tablets, then handed them to me in a little pill-popping container. We joked how one might see the gloves and turn around to walk in the opposite direction or he might get arrested for strange behaviour as he looked a bit, well, odd. I’m grateful that he was willing to look a bit of a weirdo in the name of the Temo chemo game.
  3. Tonight before she went to bed, Jennifer grabbed a brush and swept around the kitchen before telling my Mam that “there’s nothing like a quick sweep of the kitchen”! I just don’t know where she gets this from, nor Leo’s desire to wipe the floors, doors and walls!
  4. Here’s a sad story. My right foot gets a bit cold because the lack of movement affects blood flow. My Mam knit me a sock with leftover wool from Leo’s blanket and then lost the pattern so I’m left with only one super warm sock:


Disney-Style Ending

Last week, Jennifer came home from nursery with the following heart-shaped card:

She said that she’d made it for me because she loves me and I have a “funny leg”. Can’t say fairer than that!




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