Iron Lion Zion

Golf-ball Sized Tumour Mistaken for Ingrown Toenail

“I woke up one morning and I had no feeling in my leg, it was terrifying… In the end I was told that the ingrown toenail on my right foot was causing the loss of feeling in my right leg and that I should have it removed.”

The Brain Tumour Charity is working tirelessly to increase symptom awareness, not just during Brain Tumour Awareness Month but throughout the year.

The Lion Roars

Leo sailed through an appointment with his Consultant at the RVI this morning (Graham’s fourth act as chauffeur this week to medical appointments for one member of his family or another). The Consultant is monitoring any long-term developmental effects from the viral meningitis that Leo had at eight days old (described to us as a “virus in his brain” – what is it with this family and brains?!). We have no concerns about his development but it’s nice that the experts agree. Leo is coming on a treat: an ideal, iron-willed cub.

Leo’s Letters

Maybe this was why Leo was scribbling the other day?

A Lion Stole My Pencil

A lion stole my pencil,
he held it in his teeth.
A lion with a pencil,
too much, beyond belief.

He wrote onto a notepad,
then shook his golden mane.
He only wrote one word,
that one word just read ‘pain! ’

In his paw, sat a thorn,
stuck, despite his might.
He needed me to take it out,
and that’s why he did write.

At first I didn’t want to,
it seemed a dangerous chore.
But the lion did convince me,
when he began to roar!

By Jojoba Mansell

Jennifer’s Gems

One of my Mam’s cousins visited last weekend and was playing with the kids. When it came to showing the kids some yoga moves, Jennifer joined in enthusiastically. When Mam asked later what she’d enjoyed about her day, Jennifer said “the yogurt moves”!

Last night, Graham explained that he was taking Leo to see a doctor today to check that he is ok after an illness that he had when he was very young. Jennifer told us how she went to see a doctor and got two stickers because she was “very brave”. We realised that she was talking about her vaccinations last Summer (no anti-vaxxers here!). She asked why we have injections and I said it’s to protect us against “nasty” things. She immediately asked “like spiders?”. Oh how I wish there were an injection to repel spiders!


PS My chemo tablets have gone down and stayed down so far. Fingers crossed that this remains the case for the next three tablet days of Round Two.


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