A Ton of Post[s] but no Telegram from the Queen

This is the hundredth post of this blog.

Today is the 170th day that I have known that the Squatter is inside my head. Therefore, on average, a post has been uploaded every 41 hours or so by me or one of my surrogates. That’s not too shabby a run-rate considering that in that time:

  1. I’ve spent 43 nights in hospital, including those many nights before and after Mr H cracked my head open first for a biopsy and then for an “Awakey Cranie”;
  2. I have clocked up hundreds of seizures;
  3. I have attended dozens of radiotherapy and other outpatient appointments; and
  4. the surrogates have each been stretched to infinity and beyond emotionally, physically and logistically.

As of 19:48 today (UK time), posts and pages on the blog had collectively been viewed 26,860 times. Further statistical items of interest (to me at least) are that:

  • An Introduction” is way ahead of the rest of the postal pack with a whopping 865 views;
  • the day with the heaviest traffic to the blog (640 views) was 27 October 2016, which was the 10th anniversary of Graeme’s death;
  • Tuesday is the most popular day for viewings;
  • 10pm is the most popular time; and
  • I’ve had visitors to the blog from 43 countries:


These statistics bring out my naturally competitive streak. I wonder if, together, we can expand the geographical and numerical reach of the blog?


To mark this postage milestone, I thought that I’d incorporate into this offering some of the ongoing themes of the blog. It is, if you like, a blog-interpretation of an Andrew Lloyd-Webber Megamix.

Cole’s Miscellany (Part Ten)

For the non-felines among us, this is positive:


You Cannot Not Be Serious (Part Three)

The other day, as I mentioned in Two-Blog-Dimensional Transcendentalism, I read the entirety of the blog I wrote over 10 years ago about the last weeks of my brother’s life. I couldn’t help but flash back and forward to speculate how similar the end of our respective brain tumour journeys will be.

Using the Dark Side of the Force to Reach the Light

A recent study “refutes the somewhat commonly-held belief that people who like black humour tend to be grumpy and perhaps a little prone to sadism”. I’m relieved because, although I could cope with being called grumpy, I wasn’t aware of an alleged link to sadism. If I’d have known, I would not have been so quick to pronounce and display so publicly my fondness for tumour humour!

On This Day…

On 17 February 2008 we planted trees in memory of my brother. See here for details and photos of the day. The trees are all happily flourishing nine years later.

I Don’t Like to be Beside the Seizide

After the best sleep last night than I’ve had in ages, I’m doing pretty well so far today and it’s nearly my bedtime. I had a fleeting Seizling earlier that had nary a flicker and am still trying to expel the common cold.

While Jennifer was at nursery this morning, I had a luxurious foot soak after reading an animal flap book to Leo in bed, which entertained him for a good long while. This afternoon, I had a fleeting trip to the Metro Centre with both Mr and Master C to buy a beard trimmer for my hubby (despite my preference for the clean-shaven toy boy I married, I’ve decided to pick my battles!). In between resting a lot during the day, I have also managed to spend some time with my little lady, including going (in our imaginations) to a soft-play-come-water-park. A Perfect Day in my new-normal way.

Attitudes Towards Subsurface Agricultural Products

Here is some beetroot soup (containing a dollop of alioli) and an almond-flour based vegetable muffin on the side (all homemade), which has become a firm favourite combination for lunch:


It’s one of the (many) reasons why this establishment has a top-star rating!

Where Did I Get This Millinery (Seriously)?


Actually, I know the where (Maine, USA) and the who (a vendor on Etsy). However, as the package arrived this morning without a message, the pertinent question is who ordered it from the vendor to add to my hoard of hair-loss hiding hats? If anyone can shed any light on this mystery then I’d be pleased to thank the gift-giver personally but if the sender wishes to hide his/her light under a bushel then I hope this thanks-seeking missile has more success with reaching its target than Trident has recently enjoyed.

Step Up, Down or Out

This article weaves into a book review some of the writer’s experiences following the loss of her brother. The book is “There Is No Good Card for This: What To Say and Do When Life Is Scary, Awful, and Unfair to People You Love”. I haven’t read the book but the article resonates with me for obvious reasons. I’ve witnessed first- and second-hand what I think is the best, worst and everything in between of people’s capacity for empathy in our family’s double-trouble tumour traumas.

A Spot-Changing Leopard?

Leo loves trying on shoes of all shapes, styles and sizes, including my silver bridesmaid trainers and my Dad’s slippers. The other day he retrieved Jennifer’s pink and sparkly party shoes and Grandad helped him put them on. Jennifer decided earlier today that she wanted to dress up as Pudsey Bear and that Leo should wear her multicoloured dress from last year’s nursery Halloween party. Photographic evidence exists of these early fashion experimentations ready for Leo’s 18th birthday party!



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