Since my last health and activity update post a week ago (as opposed to the recent posts dedicated exclusively to memories and musings), I’ve had a broadly balanced time of it with a couple of rest days in between fun and seizures. 

Stoke City and “Soft” Play

At Center Parcs, G, J and I spent an hour or so painting the following (pre-sculpted, but not by us!) butterfly wall hanging, heart plate and milk jug:

Who can correctly guess which one of us painted which item?

While we were expressing ourselves artistically through the medium of paint, Ma and Pa took Leo to wreak havoc at soft play. Leo had spotted the area the previous day, pointing and saying “down there” repeatedly. We figured (rightly as it turned out) that he was telling and showing us in no uncertain terms where he wanted to go. As he no doubt expected and predicted, he had a whale of a time.

Pony Club

On our last full day in Cumbria on Thursday, we all went along to enjoy Jennifer’s first (non-pretend) pony ride. She first helped to groom Bruce the One-Eyed Pony (who behaved impeccably) and then he took her for a longish walk:

Jennifer and Bruce then trotted in the arena, which she enjoyed and described it as “bumpy”. She seemed to love the whole experience and it was so special for me to be there to see it. She is enthusiastic about riding a pony again, which both Graham and I are happy about as it’s another new experience for Jennifer. That said, Graham’s worried about the effect it might have on his wallet in the future if it turns into a regular hobby!

TGI Friday

We got home on Friday morning and I rested for the remainder of the day. After the relatively energetic exertions of CP and travelling back, I knew that I needed a break so I took the rest of the day “off” (off from what I don’t exactly know!).

Friends Reunited

Our weekend was full of friends and family from near and far. These bandits turned up late afternoon on Saturday and stayed until the evening:

It was wonderful to catch up with them all, not just for me but for my Rents, Hobo-Hubby and the mini-Coles. Sunday also brought some very special family and friends to the house. The visitors over the weekend brought gifts for me and the carers, including a very thoughtful Valentine’s Day dinner for an unexpected “Date Night In” and an equally thoughtful chemotherapy “survival kit”:

Monday brought more friendship fun with a family formerly of the Stockton brigade coming up for pizza and play.

That we had made it to CP without any dramas and enjoyed it was a success. That we caught up with some very close friends and family both there and on our return was even better. The last week has therefore lifted our collective spirits immensely.

Snoozie Doozies and Tuesday Snoozies

The number of Seizfeld episodes has increased over the last week or so. This could well be because in that period I had done a lot more on average on a daily basis than was the case in the previous few weeks but it could be one of a number of factors. In that time, I had two Snoozie Doozies. That said, the episodes themselves have generally been shorter, mostly painless and with shorter recovery times to regain my optimum mobility (such as it is).

Yesterday, I was very tired (not helped by me being awake from 3.30am). I therefore took the opportunity to enjoy a second super rest day in five days. I actually slept for a good few hours in the middle of the day and it did me the world of good. In fact, my sleep caused me to miss my usual lunchtime by over two hours, which meant that both the Sleep Stealing and Ever-Hungry side effects of the Steroids were temporarily overridden for once. Hurrah!

My sleep set me up for about 45 minutes before the kids’ bedtime spent in the living room. After they had gone to bed, I watched most of the first half of the Barcelona match in there. This was positive in spending normal Cole-Turner time with my folks and G but, as for the game, the less said about that the better.

Baby, It’s Cold Inside

I have caught a common cold, which so far has not brought a temperature or chesty cough. I hope that this is a “good” time to catch a cold as I might have enough time to release it back into the wild before my chemo starts next week. Only time will tell…

Mrs Potato Beard

My official hair loss chronicler took some updated photos last week of the back and top of my head. One photo in particular immediately made me think that it looked like a Mr Potato Head unadorned except for ears and a beard seemingly inspired by Hagrid. See From Hair to Fraternity for the photo if you wish!

I am hereby opening up a photo-shopping competition to add features to complete Mrs Potato Beard. Please send me your entries (privately, of course, to avoid sensitivities for the weirdos who don’t share my tumour humour!).

Quotes of the Week

On Monday morning, Jennifer’s eczema had flared up a little bit so she announced that she needed “hydrocortisone”. Until then, she’d known and described it as “special cream” when her skin was sore. She’ll be asking for the cream using the chemical formula next week if my dad has anything to do with it!

This next one is not a quote from this week or even this year but comes from an “On this day” memory that popped up a couple of weeks ago. In 2015, I noted that:

“It seems that Jennifer is learning how to motivate and appreciate the workers; she watched Graham fill the dishwasher earlier and said: “thank you, Daddy, that’s kind”…”.




3 thoughts on “R[est]2D[oozies]2”

  1. What an uplifting blog. Am loving Grahame’s beard, Mr Rent (and your reference to his nuclear chemist background with regard to J’s education!) and J’s reference to G unloading the dishwasher. Just a normal family me thinks ❤😂❤️. Love you all. Xxxxxx


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