A Tale of Two Kilis (Part Three) – Out of an Adventure, a Family Friendship is Born

(Although this is a post primarily about Kili, just to let you know that I’ve not had any sickness, nausea or any nasty side effects so far from the Temo. The last pill-popping part of this first cycle of chemo was yesterday; today was therefore the first of 23 days off before I hit the hard stuff again. I’ve been tired and slept a lot on Saturday night (11/12 hours in a couple of periods) and slept most of this morning. I’m not sleepy and tired all the time, though, which is good, so all in all, I’m ok. I even managed to go along with the carers and sharers on a shoe-shopping trip for the kids yesterday and they each came away with two pairs.) Continue reading “A Tale of Two Kilis (Part Three) – Out of an Adventure, a Family Friendship is Born”


Clockwork Cocktails

So far, as at 10.51pm on Day 3, recognising that past performance is not an indicator of future outcomes, but hoping the good run continues, while simultaneously praying it knocks ten thousand bells out of the Squatter, I’ve not suffered any drastic side effects from the chemotherapy.* Continue reading “Clockwork Cocktails”

Follow the White Rabbit

Actually, I’ll take the pink pill please…

Just a quick post to say that my blood test results were fine so I was given the first batch of chemo tablets this morning to take at home for five days. The dose is four tablets once a day, which need to be taken two hours after food and two hours before food. It’s a good job that my Steroid dose has come down recently as not so long ago I couldn’t go a couple of hours without food, let alone four! I took today’s tablets once I got home from the hospital about an hour ago.

One thing that made me laugh is that the nurse said to try not to let the tablets come into contact with my skin – it’s not good for my skin but it’s fine for me to swallow?!


P-p-p-pick up Your Poison

It is (hopefully) Chemo Eve today. I say hopefully because I have been a bit worried over the last few days that my cold might delay the start of chemo if it has weakened my immune system. What I thought was a common cold might well have turned into a version of the common viral infection that seems to go round and round: we are captive on the carousel of slime. Continue reading “P-p-p-pick up Your Poison”

A Ton of Post[s] but no Telegram from the Queen

This is the hundredth post of this blog.

Today is the 170th day that I have known that the Squatter is inside my head. Therefore, on average, a post has been uploaded every 41 hours or so by me or one of my surrogates. That’s not too shabby a run-rate considering that Continue reading “A Ton of Post[s] but no Telegram from the Queen”

Two-Blog-Dimensional Transcendentalism

The link to the blog that I wrote during the final weeks of Graeme’s life expired a long time ago in a blog galaxy far, far away. Hoarder Rent had fortunately saved the posts in text format and has very kindly and painstakingly reformatted it.

I have just read it again for the first time in years. Some details of those final weeks and his funeral made me cry while stories that I (and others) shared about Graeme made me laugh out loud and/or cry; all of it makes me fiercely proud of my brother.

Without further ado, here is a link to a 53-page PDF of the blog, warts and all.*


* I have resisted the opportunity to edit it. No, I can’t believe that either!