Two Zaps Forward, Nine Seizures Backwards

In my last post on Wednesday, I warned myself not to count my zappings before the chickens have come home to roost. On this occasion, I hate to say that I was right, but I was right to be cautious.

It’s Good

The positive news is that I am feeling much better today after a mini-drama involving sickness and seizures yesterday evening and overnight.

Isn’t It Grand?

It’s even better that, despite the mini-drama, I made it for my final two radio gigs of the week as scheduled without any seizures or other incidents during the zapping.

Isn’t it great?

It’s a massive plus that I have the weekend to rest and recover further before my next treatment on Monday.

Isn’t it swell?

I have just three more sessions to go!

Isn’t it fun?

Erm, only if “fun” is being used sarcastically.

Isn’t it?

Well, actually, the last 24 hours haven’t made it into my Worst Five Days of Squattergate so at least that’s something! I was actually feeling great this time yesterday, having had lunch at a garden centre with the kids and the crew and then popped to Gibside for an hour or so for the kids to play at the “Seaside Park”.

By 8pm, however, my stomach was cramping and I had projectile vomited for the first of four sickness sessions that occurred over the next few hours. Graham had rang the oncology helpline initially to ask if they should give me my medication again once I’d stopped vomiting as the first session came soon after I had taken my evening tablets. The answer was no and just to take the next scheduled medication as usual.

I then started shivering uncontrollably but my face was burning up. I had further thrown up and our thermometer indicated that I had a low temperature. Graham tried several times without success to ring the helpline and then he decided to ring 999.

Four ambulance crew arrived soon after. They checked me out and my vitals were fine so at that stage they thought it might be sickness caused by the radiotherapy. After one of the paramedics spoke to the Omcology Ward at the Freeman to see what they recommended, they collectively concluded that the best thing would be for me to take some anti-sickness tablets. They checked that I was happy to stay at home (rather than preferring to go to A&E, to which I said “thanks but no thanks”) and then sought about scoring me some anti-sickness tablets at around 9/10pm.

Cue calls by the ambulance crew to our GP’s out-of-hours team. To cut a long story short, the doctor on call was at Shotley Bridge Hospital and agreed to prescribe and then “rummage around in the cupboard” (her exact words) to see if they had some of the tablets “lying around”. She asked Graham if anyone could collect them from the reception at the hospital. Cue a Midnight Cowboy drive by my Dad to go and pick up the tablets. They were literally given to him in a white envelope without any details of what they were, how they should be taken, how many should be administered at a time or how often they should be taken!

By this time, my vomiting was accompanied by diarrhoea. This made the ambulance crew conclude that it was less likely to have been caused by the radiotherapy and more likely to be the salad at the garden centre, the first thing I’ve had in a good few weeks that hasn’t been made from scratch by Mam, Dad or Graham. The worker bees will just not be allowed to take another meal off from this day forward!

By the time my Dad came back from his Midnight Run, I had actually finished the last of my sickness bouts and had fallen asleep. Ironically, my Dad’s dodgy drug dealing efforts weren’t needed.

The dehydration, weakness and tiredness triggered nine seizures overnight (for details of the terminology used, see the Seiziodic Table in The Grand Old Duke of Jackson):

2am – 2.30am: a Doozie followed by three Inbetweeizures followed by a Snoozie Doozie followed by another Inbetweeizure.

4am: a Meizure.

5.30am: an Inbetweeizure.

7am: a Doozie.


I’ve had no sickness/diarrhoea since around 11pm last night and had just a couple of Seizlings since the Doozie at 7am. I’ve eaten more or less as normal today and, as mentioned above, reported for zapping duty earlier. I’m currently just feeling tired and ever-so-slightly dehydrated so have been resting and drinking plenty of water since I got back from radiotherapy.

The number of seizures has left me with a slight strain in my calf. Further, it has affected my mobility throughout the day, and it’s still not back to the “new normal” of recent days/weeks. On the other hand, I’m able to get myself to the bathroom, which was not possible from around 8pm last night until mid-morning.

It’s never a dull moment with Drama Queen here!


Ps One might speculate that the drama overnight has been a physical manifestation of my mental anguish at the transition between yesterday’s last full day of Obama’s administration and today’s start of the Misogynist’s administration but I’m no expert so I couldn’t possibly make a definitive conclusion on that front.





One thought on “Two Zaps Forward, Nine Seizures Backwards”

  1. Projectile vomiting the definite appropriate response to Trump. I cannot bear to watch the inauguration today. Steve Bell in the Guardian depicts Trump as a toilet head, brilliant. Hope you are feeling better now Lots of love Auntie Kathryn

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