You Cannot Not Be Serious (Part Two)

Some further thoughts on how the Squatter has already been a life-changing event:

  1. We went to Gibside on New Year’s Day in weather conditions that would have been, up until recently, less than ideal for me: short bursts of freezing cold rain; and, an arctic breeze. It was bliss for me to get outside and feel fresh air on my face and I enjoyed feeling cold for the first time in weeks given my recent (and ongoing) overheating problems! That was the icy icing on the cake of kids-watching.
  2. The hair loss has accelerated. To see a status report, including photos, please see Hair Today, Gone Yesterday!
  3. Mr C bought me an iWatch for Christmas, going against my Fiscal Responsibility concerns that I reported in the first post in this sub-series. I’m glad he did, though, because I love it (as he knew I would)! This is the guy who, until recently, used to spend months and sometimes years deliberating over whether he was ready to buy a new pair of jeans/shoes/coat/anything else that he desperately needed!
  4. I know that I’ve mentioned this a few times, but I don’t think I can convey exactly how odd it is that I’m waking up early each day (4am this morning). As I said to a friend on the phone last night, early starts have never been my forte, to which Graham commented: “Rach, starts at any time have never been your forte”. It was a good point, well made and a good example of how things have changed over the last four months!



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