The Woman in the Thermoplastic Mask (New Photos)

I’ve updated The Woman in the Thermoplastic Mask (Photo Version) with a couple of front-facing photos taken today of The Mask and me wearing The Mask.

Enjoy (if you want to click through and look) or ignore as you please!



‘R Force One

My support team that carries me (sometimes quite literally) is immense. I’ve specifically mentioned the three wise flunkies* in a previous post. They are the heart and soul of the operation. No words could describe how much it means to have the Triumverate** here at Base Camp.

There are various other kind people who are providing “on the ground” assistance. Such help regularly includes Continue reading “‘R Force One”

On This Day…

Today, 21 January 2017, marks 12 years since my brother was admitted to North Tees hospital with a brain tumour. A same-day referral to hospital from his GP in the morning resulted in scans in the afternoon/early evening. The results were relayed to Graeme and my parents that day as “shadows” on his brain that shouldn’t be there. Continue reading “On This Day…”

Two Zaps Forward, Nine Seizures Backwards

In my last post on Wednesday, I warned myself not to count my zappings before the chickens have come home to roost. On this occasion, I hate to say that I was right, but I was right to be cautious.

It’s Good

The positive news is that I am feeling much better today after a mini-drama involving sickness and seizures yesterday evening and overnight. Continue reading “Two Zaps Forward, Nine Seizures Backwards”

Life in the (Seizer) Freezer

I had my 23rd session of radiotherapy yesterday, which leaves five more to go. It’s the Final Countdown. Naturally, I’m hoping that I’ll make it to the finish line without any last-week dramas, but history has taught me not to count my chickens before the last zappy sings*.  Continue reading “Life in the (Seizer) Freezer”

Ministrations and Frustrations

It seems remiss of me not to have given ratings recently for my current abode. The quality of care I receive Chez Rents is simply outstanding. The three live-in carers for me, L and J are truly amazing and I literally don’t know what we’d do without them. Their physical efforts, energy and dedication are something to behold. Continue reading “Ministrations and Frustrations”