Mamma Mia!

Today is Ma Rent’s birthday. This photo was taken just over a month before Squattergate began.


Today, after my radiotherapy, Graham and I met Ma, Pa and the kids at The Staiths Cafe for lunch. It was the first time that we’ve been out for a meal together as a family in months, unless you count hospital cafes as “out” (which I don’t). Thankfully, so far today I’ve not had any, but I figured it was definitely worth a seizure or three to mark my amazing Mam’s birthday.

The card we got her says: “You don’t look a day over Fabulous” and comes with a badge reading “VIP”. That would probably sum up what she means to me within the character limits of twitter, but I’ve thankfully got no such restraints on my blog.

I don’t think that I can explain how truly amazing she is. She’s always been a source of strength and confidence to me; she’s my inspiration, my hero and my role-model (as a person and a Mam); and, she’s one of my best friends and confidantes, and I treasure the time that I spend with her. Above all, though, she’s never left me doubting for one minute the unconditional nature of her love. Although I loved her when I was younger, I took it for granted that she was “just” a normal Mam (that is, I thought that everyone could rely on their Mam like I could). I realised, of course, as I got older and saw how other mothers act (or don’t act), that mine really is The Special One.

She’s been the single biggest influence on me bar none (for good or bad, which is not for me to judge!). Years ago, a friend had a mirror on which was written: “Mirror, Mirror on the wall; I am my Mother after all!”. I couldn’t be more proud if I were to be compared favourably to the lady who has given (and continues to give) absolutely everything, both physically and emotionally, to being an extraordinary Mam (and now Mam-In-Law and Grandma).

Even before the recent shenanigans, she’d already provided me and my little family with so much emotional and physical support over the last year or so, through our various trials and tribulations (mostly Drama Boy’s ailments), that it seemed there would be insufficient words to convey our thanks. The discovery of the Squatter has just intensified my gratitude for such a wonderful, loving and caring Mama. At the same time, it’s one of the biggest sources of heartache for me that she’s having to, once again, find and utilise such emotional and physical strength in response to one of her bairn’s brains sharing a skull with a Squatter. Once again, I can’t do anything to take away the pain.

What I can do, for what it is worth, is buy her the aforementioned card, some little gifts and write a blog post trying to explain how important she is to me. So that’s what I’ve done.

Happy birthday, little Mama.





One thought on “Mamma Mia!”

  1. Lovely Rach. You deserve to have such a mum and I agree with all you’ve said about her. Anne is indeed a mum/grandma/mum in law in a million and the core of your family. I hope I will be a fraction of who she is should I ever need to be. Anne, Rach gets her awesomeness and strength from you. But even strong ladies need someone strong for themselves ….. huge love, hugs and respect to you all. Xxxxxxxxxx

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