Seizin’s Greetings

What a difference four years makes to the Cole family Christmas tree in terms of size, colour and authenticity🎄😂:

Wishing you all a Christmas full of as many as possible of the people and things you love most in the world.

While I am on a seizonal theme, I made it to Jennifer’s nursery nativity yesterday (her second and final performance of the season). The timing of it could have been better (I had a seizure an hour before we were leaving) but it could have been worse (I didn’t have a seizure during the performance!). It was another treat for me to see J and her nursery crew on their best behaviour and looking so cute so I’m beyond thrilled that I made it.

Back to the Seizure

Yesterday’s pre-nativity seizure was a right old doozie (my technical term for seizures that go all the way from top to toe on my right hand side). I believe the doozie was triggered by tiredness as I’d been awake since 5.18am and up and out from 7.30 until we got back at around 1pm. After my radiotherapy, we met my Mam and Jennifer for a trip to see Santa at, you guessed it, the Metro Centre.

(I know it’s not to everyone’s taste but it’s one of the few places I’ve been to since coming out of hospital because of its accessibility. As an aside, the Santa visit was much cheaper (as in 100%) than the train rides we’ve been on the last two years to meet Santa. I’d call that another win-win.)

Speaking of which, where is my thought train going? Ah, yes. My early self-induced wake-up call had been due, I think, to a combination of the Steroids’ Wide Awake Club side-effect and the fact that, once awake, I was conscious of needing to leave early during rush hour to get to my radiotherapy appointment on time. I’ve not had to get up and out that early since the Halloween race from the QE to the RVI for my operation. Perhaps I’m cottoning on to Contingency Cole’s caution after all these years for worrying about being late to be keeping me awake!

Doozie-Twosey-Woozy: Me Choosey

The doozies tend to reduce my mobility further down to a “super pants” level from the new normal “regular pants” level. This super pants level usually lasts for up to two hours. Resting helps me to recover from the tiredness brought on by the seizure and that, in turn, brings my mobility back down to the regular pants level.

Going to the nativity less than an hour later didn’t help on the seizure recovery front. I knew it wouldn’t but thankfully, rather than a double doozie day, it just led to more tiredness and a few mini-seizures that flickered but didn’t turn into anything more. As G sang in the style of Fagin the other week: “you’ve gotta have a seizure or two” for the important moments. Seize the play an’ all that jazz.

Today, I had a much more civilised radiotherapy appointment time and therefore was able to relax this morning and get much-needed rest. I haven’t (so far) had a doozie today and will soon be travelling to slumberland (I hope, but the steroids might well have a different plan). Whilst tiredness is not the only trigger for seizures, it’s the only one I can influence in any small way. It’s my choice to forego resting for special moments. What’s the point of all this treatment to prolong my life (hopefully) if I don’t live it to the full (within the realms of possibility)?

Corrections and Clarifications Corner

I inadvertently misled you all the other day when I said that the bingo and imaging wouldn’t happen after the first treatment. It happened (to a lesser extent) both yesterday and today while we are still getting up and running and checking the calculations are tickety-boo. After today, images will be taken once a week on Fridays.

And It’s Surely to Their Credit

Mat “The Hero” Morgan suggested the title for this post. I salute you, sir. Incidentally, he is the only person I know (other than me!) who correctly identified about 10 years ago the only US State which had no Golden Arches in its state capital at the time. I don’t know if this is still true trivia today. I’m getting too sleepy to Google it so can someone please let me know?

Have a good weekend one and all.




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